Sex is all about about bodies and our minds. While it can be a great and soothing medicine on its own, sometimes we need to let medical professionals take a look at our bodies and minds to ensure our sex remains in tip-top shape.

Sex and Antidepressants

Mental health and sex can play a very challenging game of chicken which may develop into a sex or no-sex proposition that can force a hard decision. For many folks who do deal with mental health concerns, untreated conditions can result in dangerous sexual decisions. However, treating those conditions can potentially result in a loss of sexual desire and interest. When you’re already dealing with a difficult time, taking away the possibility of a base and easy pleasure outlet can be the last straw. A disrupted sex life particularly affects those taking antidepressant medications and knowing how to handle these feelings can be a significant challenge. It can be a vicious circle that can be extremely frustrating. Take a read and see if you can relate, and remember to always speak with your doctor and therapist about your feelings and needs around sex. If they aren’t there for you in that matter, maybe look for another practitioner who is.

No! No Swimming!

Remember the snickers and laughter when participants in a male birth control trial backed out because of the “annoying” side effects? Well, maybe this new, more natural version of will be a little more manageable for their tender selves. Scientists are basically taking the swimming ability away from the little swimmers. That way, sperm won’t be able to burrow into eggs. If it can be done non-hormonally, all the better. Over the years, since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, we’ve seen the effects of The Pill on its users and it isn’t pleasant. Sharing the burden of choosing not to procreate should be a joint responsibility.

Operation Empty & Sticky

Alright folks: if you have a prostate, get to work. Doctors say you’ve got to empty that thing a minimum 21 times per month to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer later in life. Now, if you’re young and reading this, 21 times per month sounds like a piece of cake. Hell, you can probably manage that in one week! Yet as you get older, different factors play a big role in how often you can orgasm. Ideally, you have a partner or partners who are happy to play with you. But those same people might make solo orgasm time less frequent. And, of course, there are the stresses of life. Work, chores, kids...there is a lot to get in the way of cleaning out the pipes. The best you can do is try to blow loads as much as possible to diminish your chances of dealing with prostate cancer.

Resistant STI

Modern medicine has been a boon for the human race. It helps us live longer, recover from illness and injury, and lead more fulfilling lives. However, the widespread use of medication is starting to present a dangerous side effect: antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.” And wouldn’t you know it, one of the first reaching the general public is sexually-transmitted.Beware folks, untreatable gonnorrhoea has been identified and a major push to find new treatments is underway. In the meantime, using safer sex barriers for oral, vaginal, and anal sex is suggested. At the same time, gargling with some Listerine after performing oral may also reduce the possibility of contracting gonnorrhoea and other STIs.

Serious Sex Injuries

When we are in the heat of the moment, enjoying sex and having fun, massive bodily injury or death is, for most folks, the last thing on our minds. Sure, some might joke that it would be the best way to go to your eternal slumber, but this story might give you pause on jokes like that. Lucinda Allen was in her 30s and pregnant when she felt a sharp pain in her head after sex.This wasn’t the first time she’s experience a post sex headache, but this time was worse. In fact, it was a stroke. And just the first in a series. Lucinda did survive and her daughter is happy and healthy, but this is a reminder to listen to your body—all of your body—during sexytimes. Some parts will be screaming “whoohoo, thanks!” but others might be in crisis.

Glitter Be Gone

Finally, you’ve probably heard the rumours of a glitter capsule that goes into your vagina, you know, to get you all sparkly, inside and out. But it isn’t a good idea. For many reasons. Just say no to vaginal glitter.

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