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Sex Stories We Love: Safe Sex, Anal Sex and Sex on Drugs

Published: JUNE 17, 2014 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Hi all! I’m really excited to be stepping into some really tall, sexy big girl shoes as one of the curators of Sex Stories We Love. Thank goodness I’ll have Jon Pressick of Sex In Words to lead the way. If you’re not familiar with Jon, I can assure you that he’s one of the most in-the-know people about the world of sex.

If you’ve been following the stories being passed around social media with the #AdultSexEdMonth hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll find some interesting stories about anything and everything you wanted to know about sex, including ...

Safer Sex

Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke, just launched a companion website dedicated to safer sex, She’s rounded up some big-time sexperts to share their knowledge and expertise about condoms, dams, lube, birth control, STIs/STDs and your body. Some of my favorite must-read stories include Study Finds Men Who Use Condoms Can Still Enjoy Sex from The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, What Lubes Are and Are Not Safe to Use With Condoms by Megan Andelloux, Emergency Contraceptives: Setting The Record Straight by JoEllen Notte (AKA The Redhead Bedhead), How To Tell A Sex Partner I Have an STD and STIs, Shaving, and the Purpose of Pubic Hair from The STD Project.

Use Extra Protection in Your Next Romp in the Woods

If you're going to do it the woods, you'll need to play it safe - and we don't just mean by using condoms. You’ll want to spray on some bug repellant too, even if you’re not doing what comes naturally in nature during your next camping trip. According to Condom Depot’s Information Center, new evidence suggests that Lyme disease is an STD. The bacteria that causes Lyme disease and is spread to humans via deer-nipping insects is closely related to syphilis. If you or your partner has the great misfortune of contracting Lyme disease, be sure to wear a condom.

Getting to the Bottom of the Hottest Trend in Sex

Every so often, a new curiosity or trend weaves its way into our sexual culture. Lately, it’s been anal sex for otherwise vanilla male-female couples. But before you venture deep into the great unknown, it's best to get educated. Lori, the wife behind the blog Kink, etc., has been sharing some really good fun and safe tips about things like the ins and outs of pegging, male anal exploration, and what not to put in your butt.

So You Think Orange is the New Black Is Hot?

Season 2 of "Orange is the New Black" continues to be as disturbing as it is hot, and you don’t have to be into girl-on-girl action or prison sex fantasies to agree. But how realistic is all of that caged heat? Very, says Check out what it has to say about what OITNB can teach us about hooking up.

Speaking of Girl-on-Girl Hotness ... or Notness

If you’ve always considered yourself to be a straight woman but have been curious or had fantasies about being with a woman, does it make you a lesbian or bisexual? Not necessarily, according to sex bloggers Cara Sutra and Bree Guildford. Cara shared an #AdultSexEdMonth post on Twitter about what that curiosity about women could be all about. Bree also shared her own experience about being married to a woman, and how neither one of them considers themselves to be lesbian or bisexual ... just madly and deeply in love with each other. Cara also blows the lid off the 10 biggest lesbian sex myths and says how it’s no surprise that they’re cultivated by people who've never had lesbian sex. Duh.

A Sex History Lesson

Did you know that Marie Bonaparte, Princess George of Greece and Denmark and great-grandniece of Napoleon Bonaparte, was a pioneer in clitoral research? According to Heather Brewer, a marriage and family therapist intern and somatic body coach in Southern California, in the 1920s Bonaparte looked into how the distance between the clitoris and the vagina affected a woman’s ability to orgasm. You can read more about Bonaparte’s findings here.

High on Sex

No, we’re not talking about that rush of endorphins that flood your brain during sex. A California entrepreneur has just launched a new sexual coconut oil-based lubricant, Foria, that’s infused with cannabis. While it won’t get you stoned, the lube is purported to induce heat, swelling of the clitoris and tingling. However, the lube, which is only sold in California to people with a medical marijuana card, doesn’t come cheap at $88 for a 1-ounce bottle.

Flatulence Fetish?

Apparently, Beavis and Butt-Head aren’t the only ones who get turned on by phone sex operators farting on the phone. (Yes, there was an episode that touched on that.) I’m holding a candle to Gracie Passette at for pulling the panties down on a website that clears the air on the flatulence, complete with audio files.
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