#MasturbationMonth continues but there are too many other great sex stories to ignore!

Ring Around the Randy

People like sex. People like masturbating. People like group sex. Let’s follow that line along to come to the conclusion that people probably like masturbating in groups. Some do! Some have been doing it for a very long time. The Circle Jerk is a term that some would think is an urban legend or just a frat boy prank. The common image is a bunch of men or boys gathered around in a confused but highly-charged bat-a-thon. Yet, we see that it has a well-established origin and a strong current culture that transcends sexual experience, gender, and age. It is also, as reported here, an activity that blurs the lines of sexuality and acceptable behaviours of your self-defined sexual identity.

Problems with Pleasure?

One thing that didn’t come up in the piece about circle jerks is whether people bring their favourite sex toys to these events. Would it be odd for a fella to show up at a Jacks event with a Fleshlight? Possibly. And that might be because people have this impression that sex toys that stimulate penises are weird and gross. This has always baffled me. As someone who has written about and reviewed a significant number of penis products and never once wondered “Should I really stick my dick in there for fun?” I just don’t get it. It is providing sexual satisfaction, that’s the key. As Girl on the Net points out, there have been many different things that haven’t helped the combat the stigma. Yet, for some reason, people are stuck on the idea that you’re just supposed to use a hand for that. Odd.

Time to Reboot

The odd stigma around penis pleasure products might just be a part of all of the general weirdness around male sexuality in general (remember male does not always equal penis...and that is just one of the difficulties people fail to understand in the general weirdness). I like to think that there was a time when an archetypal male was not present in society and culture. A typical presentation has shifted over time and different areas, but recent centuries, with different societal, governmental and religious influences have shaped a very challenging person—particularly when it comes to sex. And, perhaps, if a shift in archetype can incorporate a better attitude toward sex, we might all be better off.

The World of Porn

Something else that needs a fresh coat of paint? Porn, but that is well-known. However, part of the problem with people’s misunderstanding of the current state of porn comes from a lack of knowledge about porn’s past. The inimitable Lynsey G., is publishing a series of articles explore porn around the world. Grab your passport and whisk around the globe in this fascinating journey across the pornosphere.

Sex Talk Is an Important Part...

Of course, porn is one of those things that some people want or need and others aren’t interested in. That is personal preference and understandable in either direction. However, would you feel that way about sex itself? The amazing Tynan Rhea explores the common, sex-empowering phrase “sex is an important part of a relationship” in a way that helps us further understand the difficulties some people can have with sex and that impact on their relationships.It was wonderful when sex was understand to be part of our couplings. Some thought it a throwaway, a spare part that made babies. That recognition was key. Now, as Tynan deftly observes, there can be challenges to keeping sex in our relationships. Both physical and psychological issues can make sex take a backseat and this can cause other strains on relationships. It can also bring people closer together. The key is being able to evaluate your sexual relationship in the context of your overall togetherness.

No Free Lunches

Finally, have you ever wondered how your favourite sex bloggers get their hands on all of the great sex toys out there? Sex blog doyenne Cara Sutra shares in strong business sense and responsibilities you need to accept if you hope to enter the field of sex toy reviewing.

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