Sex is fantastic, but it is also fraught with potential pitfalls. We’re all bound to fall into some of them, but perhaps reading some of the cautionary tales in this week’s Sex Stories We Love will help you avoid a few along the way.

Eye of the Beholder

There has long been both creative and social challenges related to the expression of fetish or more challenging sexual interests. The line between expressing your sexual interests and potentially causing offense is razor thin - and the rebuke can be sharp, especially if what you’re into is a little-known or niche kink. Case in point: Sortimid’s bimbo transformation cartoons. When these illustrations were passed to a wider audience, many people were horrified by their depictions of women. However, that is because a wider audience does not know the context of the pieces, that which would be understood within the transformation community. Now, some may still have a visceral reaction, but this type of situation is not unlike the reactions given to BDSM, polyamory, or anything else that falls outside “accepted” sexual practices and challenges our boundaries.

Flared Base, Folks

I saw this story posted a few other times, but the depiction was far more negative. Instead, I think it is a brave story and should be noted, while at the same time remembered as a cautionary tale sex educators have been warning about for years. Emma Phillips recently found herself being rushed to the hospital because a vibrator had gotten lost deep in her ass. It did not have a flared base and after attempts at home to retrieve the toy, medical intervention was needed. Fortunately, Emma was alright and invasive surgery was avoided. She’s sharing her story to let other people know it is OK to ask for help when sex goes wrong. Emma opened up (no pun intended) so you won’t have to be.

No Vagina? Stop Inventing Products for Them

I wonder what would have happened had Daniel Dopps gone on Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den to explain his “revolutionary” product Mensez. In case you hadn’t heard, Dopp is a chiropractor who thinks women should glue their labia together during menstruation. Then, when they urinate, the glue will dissolve and the menstrual blood will also be released at the time. And then, I guess, more glue is applied until the next time. As you have probably guessed, people have laughed at this product vigorously, which led Dopps to go on a mansplaining rant...and, well, I think we all know where this goes. Of course we know where this goes! Another instance of a man believing he understands vaginal sexual health more than those who have them. Surely, this doesn’t happen that often…right?

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Mary Lou Marzian is brilliant. The Democratic state representative from Louisville, Kentucky recently introduced a sexual health bill that sounds completely ridiculous - until you compare it to other measures placed on women. Marzian’s legislation would place stringent rules on men seeking erectile dysfunction medication. Seems only fair, doesn’t it? If women want access to birth control, ridiculous hurdles are in place. So why not make it just as challenging for men? Whether this is tongue-in-cheek or not, Mary Lou Marzian is getting people talking about inequality in sexual health. Those stuck in the past should be ready to have their shit challenged.

Music to Our Ears

Don’t discount something that sounds fun just because it has been given a stupid name. I’ll tell you right now, I’d love for my partner to lick my ass and stroke my cock. But there is not a chance in hell that I’m going to sidle up close and whisper in her ear, “Would you do me the honor of playing a rusty trombone?” Sure, it is funny, but that stupid phrase just gives a good sex act a bad name! Fortunately, this awesome guide to the terribly-named rusty trombone is a great introduction and guide to getting over the name and moving on to the fun.

Ice Ice Baby?

Finally, sexual experimentation is great, but if you’re thinking of freezing your junk for fun, be sure to consider the potential long-term effects of your actions.

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