Sex Stories We Love: Consent, Attraction and Potatoes in Interesting Places

Published: OCTOBER 7, 2014

What Big Data Really Says About Sexual Attraction

If 60-year-old men have a visual preference for 23-year-old men, why aren’t they pursuing them? Some of the answers can be found in Big Data, specifically in Christian Rudder’s book, Dataclysm. A social psychologist at Arizona State University, delves into a section of Rudder’s book in his article, Sex, Lives and Big Data.

Turns out, the buttons we click on online dating sites do not lie. While 60-year-old men might enjoy looking at pictures of 23-year-old women, they’re more likely to contact women who are 42 years old. As Dr. Kenrick puts it, "The average aging fellow realizes that those twenty-two year old women are not going to be interested in him, unless he has a lot of wealth to make up for the fact that he is not only less physically fit than the younger guys who are also courting her, but also less likely to live long enough to help her take care of her children."

And who do women choose to contact online dating sites? Men their own ages, give or take a couple years, but I assume the reasons are explored more in the book.

Sometimes Mother Doesn’t Know Best

This just in: Medical staff in a central Colombian town have discovered a potato growing inside a patient's vagina. The unnamed patient went to the hospital when she was complaining about abdominal pains. The 22-year-old patient’s mother had advised her to place the tater in her vagina to prevent pregnancy. After all, why should a young woman question the wisdom of her mother? Apparently, the mother didn’t tell her daughter how long she should keep the tuber inside her va-jay-jay. Two weeks sounds like a ridiculously long period of time and quite a physical feat.

Documenting Consent

For those who can get naked with each other but can’t talk about sex, there’s an app for you. The Good-2-Go app logs in an agreement that two (or more) people give to have sex with each other. It also asks them to check their level of sobriety. Does it take the fun and romance out of seduction? Perhaps. Is it foolproof way to prevent he-said/she-said out of possible rape or sexual assault charges? Slate reporter Amanda Hess believes, "…there are still judges and juries that will take evidence that a person said "yes" to sex at one point, and conclude that they were asking for whatever happened later that night (or the next)."

Reading Between the Lines in Fine Art of Pornography

Every sex blogger has their own taste, flavor and interest in sex, and Billierosie has one of the most unique sex blogs on the Web. Aside from promoting her own books and reviewing books written by others, the Bodacious Ms. B is the only one I know of who writes about pornography in fine art. In one of her most recent posts, The Nightmare, she explores one of three paintings Henry Fuseli painted by the same name in 1781. The painting was scandalous at the time and somewhat autobiographical. The creature on top of the young, flailing woman is believed to be the image of Fuseli himself. The woman is supposedly the one he loved and lost to another man, Anna Landholdt in Zürich. Landholdt, niece of his friend, the Swiss physiognomist Johann Kaspar Lavater. What makes the story behind this painting even more historically interesting is that it was an influence in a part of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Billierosie also has some interesting interpretations why some people might find this painting artistically and psychologically fascinating. This article could very well be the most intelligent thing you’ll read about sex today, if not for the rest of the week.

Quite Possibly the Most Interesting List of Sex Facts

From the cable network that brought you Teen Mom, MTV published a list of 22 Things to Make You Feel Better (or Worse) About Your Sex Life. Some of the most interesting things to learn but probably never thought to ask are:
  • Wolves, bears and bats are known to perform oral sex
  • Think men are the only ones to pitch a tent. The clinical term for when the woman’s vagina expands up to 200% is called vaginal tenting.
  • Wilt Chamberlain claims to be a legend off the basketball court, too. He claims to have had sex with over 20,000 women, all of them unmarried. That’s 1.4 times a day. Who has time for that?
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