Is it just me or are so many parts of our sexual lives built on misconceptions? So many things we’re taught, so many ideas we grow up with...there are just so many ways we go through life thinking sex should be one way and not the other. That said, isn’t it pretty sweet and hot when those misconceptions get debunked and we learn the truth? In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we've pulled together a bunch of stories that do just that.

Conan Gets Caned

Isn’t it just grand that differing sexualities have come out and are now being represented in mainstream media? I was really worried about what I would see when Conan O’Brien visited a German Dominatrix, fearing the comedian would take the piss out of the whole thing (and not in a watersports kinda way). Instead, I think he treated Mistress Velvet Steel with a great deal of reverence and respect, befitting her position in her community. It wasn’t perfect, and, for sure, Conan had to play up some aspects of the scenes for his viewers. Yet, ultimately, he did play along very well. Given his obedience in situations, some might wonder just how well he was “playing.” Maybe Conan did a little coming out too!

Everybody's Getting Good Vibrations

I will readily admit that I take a lot for granted when it comes to sex. I have no inhibitions and I have an adventurous spirit. So, when I read about some men's hesitance to explore and enjoy vibrators, I admit I was shaking my head in confusion. Why wouldn’t a dude want to play with a vibrator? It is a sexy pleasure device - you’ve got to try it out on yourself! Well, the situation is definitely deeper than my personal incredulity. It seems the perception of vibrators is that they are a pleasure product for women and for women only. For many guys, the thought of enjoying a “lady” thing is both emasculating and shameful. Thankfully, we’re changing that idea, right? We’re going to move past this, right? Pleasure is pleasure, after all.

Public Display for Attention?

Have you ever seen some folks makin’ out, really just going at it, in a public place and wanted to shout out loud “Get a room!” That could be meant negatively or positively, but the intention is that you (and probably others) want them to take their slobbery shenanigans behind closed doors. What if their intentions weren’t specifically about touching and kissing and trying to move to the next sexual level? What if they are just hoping to get a rise out of everybody else? Men and women seem to have different reasons for their public displays of affection, but a new study shows that the thoughts and feelings of friends and others play a significant role in whether they choose to get busy in front of others.

Bloody Hot Sex

Our bodies do a lot of things we don’t like that gross us out. Or that we’re told to not like. One of these things is menstruation. There’s a whole societal discomfort that pushes periods to the background, making them both uncomfortable culturally as well as they are physically. Really, it is just another example of rampant misogyny. However, something that might create a shift in perceptions could be the acceptance and enjoyment of period sex. Whether you are someone who has periods or enjoys sex with someone who does, check out these period sex tips that can help remove the stigma from some fun times that shouldn’t be stigmatized in the first place.

Brexit Causes Sex Tech Suffering

It could be argued that sex was not much of a factor in world events. At the same time, happenings across the globe did not have a significant effect on our sex lives. However, now that sex has attained a more public-facing identity, there are now many different ways that sex intersects with world happenings. One significant connection is the burgeoning sex tech industry, a growing economic entity that has the potential to flourish. Will the growing isolationism and conservatism that seems to be moving across the world muddle the progress of sex product innovation and development? British erotic developers are already starting to feel some crunch after the Brexit vote last summer. Could this happen elsewhere?

Stocking Stuffer

Finally, we often forget that our parents are, you know, people. And lots of people like sex. Why not give the gift of sexual pleasure this holiday season?

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