This week’s Sex Stories We Love take a trip around the sexual world, collecting stories and intriguing experiences. Yet as you’ll read, it isn’t really an around-the-world-journey, just a mere slice of life.

Stress Relief Shuffle?

Denizens of cubicles assemble and unite! When it is time for your next performance review or if your union is seeking a new contract, here’s a provision you might want to request: masturbation breaks at work. Some workplaces have instituted napping spaces and the smoke break is an honored tradition? Why not, as Ellen Scott suggests, allow folks some time to experience pleasure and relieve stress in one of the most natural ways possible? For some folks, this might not work. Their self love might take too long or they might not be able to get off in the allotted time. Yet, as noted, lots of folks already do it and maybe a space more comfortable than a bathroom stall would be appreciated. Although, one recommendation to all hopeful workplace wankers: don't use the communal kitchen. OK?

Bellies Are Best

I’m not going to lie - I particularly love sex stories that speak to my own sexual experience. So, when I read that Turkish researchers found that men with bigger bellies can last longer in bed, I looked down at my burgeoning bread basket and gave a nod of approval. I mean, I don’t think I’m the one to truly be the judge here, but here’s to hoping there's some truth to this study. It seems that belly fat contains estradiol, a female hormone that inhibits orgasm. I wonder if the amount of estradiol increases with added fat? Should I be doing some crunches to keep things under control or maybe grab another beer?

Expanding Sex Research

Usually I like to note sex research and articles that are useful, fun, interesting - you know, something that contributes in some way. But sometimes, just sometimes, pieces come through the feed that are astoundingly pointless. Unfortunately, I hoped that Here Are the Most Popular Sex Positions in 9 Countries might actually include sex research from around the world. Nope. As per usual, we’re talking the United States, the United Kingdom, and a smattering of European countries who are, by and large, influenced by the same social and religious conventions that have seeped into their sex lives. I don’t know that the folks in other countries like different sex positions because it is so rare to find research about it! Here’s a call to sex researchers and writers: Let’s diversify. Let’s talk about many different parts of the world. Sex happens everywhere. Let’s get more stamps on our passports.

Bye Bye Backpage

Yet another advertising avenue for sex workers has been shut down. The widely-used Backpage, after a tremendous fight against government infringement, has acquiesced to intense pressure and shuttered its Adult section. Those who argued against Backpage said it was necessary to get the site to stop taking ads from sex workers to help end human trafficking and child prostitution. While both of these certainly remain a concern, as noted in this excellent piece by Elizabeth Nolan Brown, both existed long before Backpage and both will continue even after this one site has shuttered that section. Plus, it is important to note that sites such as Backpage can actually help in the struggles against human trafficking and child prostitution. Shutting this down just prevents sex workers from making a living, while also driving trafficking even further underground.

Far Out Fetish

Having a sexual fetish can be a very intriguing and curious situation. Inside, you feel the intense thoughts and desires that come with craving and needing a very particular sexual release. However, there are some times when fulfilling a fetish is just not possible. However, "not possible" can mean two different things. For some, not possible means that your partner or lack of partner makes participating impossible. For other fetishists, not possible is literal. We cannot have sex with aliens, the Eiffel Tower, or transform ourselves into 50-foot-tall giants. These folks in the later category have definitely got the harder situation to deal with. However, how they cope and deal with impractical sexual fetishes is compelling and, in some cases, ingenious.

Urine for a Good Time

Finally, regardless of whether it was real news or fake news, golden showers were all the rage this past week. So let’s get the lowdown on erotic watersports.

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