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Sex Stories We Love: The Anatomy of a Remarkable Pregnancy, A Room With a View, and All the Frills

Published: MAY 26, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022

If you’re anything like me, this week’s Sex Stories We Love just might leave you shaking your head a little. Or a lot.


There Are No "Distinctions"

What is the line between acceptance of differing sexual desires and needing to stop those desires if they are potentially dangerous? That is not a rhetorical question, I really want to know because sometimes I just don't know what to make of the wide world of sex.

Take this interview with an unabashed frotteur. He is someone who gets off on making contact with strangers in public through touch or rubbing. His choice of venue is the Paris metro where he positions himself in ways to ensure he touches women in a, seemingly, innocent way. It isn’t innocent for him; it is for sexual gratification.

There is a lot wrong with this situation, particularly the scores of women he has non-consensually touched and thereby sexually assaulted. This is a clear violation of their personhood. Then, his audacity! He contends he hasn't done anything really wrong and that some women even like it. Are we supposed to accept his brand of "fetish" and guide him to treatment for help? Should we lock him up for his crimes?


Anatomy of a Remarkable Pregnancy

The human body is such a complicated and mesmerizing piece of architecture. The way it forms, the way it function, and we humans are a clever bunch. We’ve figured out ways to manipulate, repair, alter, and fix bodies to function how we think they should.

However, we haven’t got it down yet. Medical practitioners are clever and inventive, but sometimes their work just doesn’t work.

Case in point:the woman who became pregnant through anal sex.


The article details how this happened, and how rare it is. Yet, I wonder if this woman even knew of her unique anatomy. We’ve seen many instances of intersex people never being told of their anatomy. I am very curious if this is what happened here. Not that it might have necessarily changed anything...but…

A Room With a View

Getting away, escaping your daily routine, and immersing yourself in something new and exciting is something we all dream about. We become so busy and involved in our lives that being able to step out of them into a fantasy world brings great delight. When you get the chance to get away, you stay to stay somewhere new, and I think we can all agree:

Hotel sex is hot.


I’m a sex writer which means I’m not particularly monied. However, whenever I get to travel, whether I’m in a little roadside motel, an AirBnB, or an actually nice place (it has happened once or twice), we’ve made the best of the situation. The writer makes one of the best points about hotel sex: you don’t worry about the clean up. Now, I’m Canadian and all, so I don’t mess places up too much. But it sure is fun to include the fantasy of sexual abandon and recklessness without consequences!

Hand in Hand

As Masturbation Month draws to a close, let’s not forget that self love doesn’t need to be by one’s self. There are many thrills to be explored when you and your partner touch yourselves while together.

Mutual masturbation is an underrated but unbelievable experience. If you’re into watching, that voyeurism can be mindblowingly sexy. At the same time, if you’re the one putting on a show, exhibitionism can be a new thrill with great potential to explore your showy side. If you’re doing it at the same time, feeling your partner move, moan, shake, shimmy, and rock through an orgasm will surely hurdle you toward your own humdinger in no time.


Mutual masturbation is also very intimate. We are taught so much shame when it comes to self pleasure that opening up this way can create a special bond between the two of you. It can improve communication and closeness. I’d expect an ovation for these comments, but your hands might be busy.

All the Frills

The collecting of panties is a paraphilia that has always intrigued me. I’ve known people who like to keep the underwear of their sex partners. Hell, I’ve even done it myself. I can’t say they are something I’ve gone back to for much more than fond memories, but other folks get driven downright crazy by them. So much so they are willing to buy underwear from strangers online.

The idea of selling new and, more often than not, used panties was at a real fever pitch when the Japanese vending machines made world news, but the trade is certainly nothing new. With web commerce now firmly entrenched, people have taken to the web to fleece their frillies for a decent little profit. Like many forms of sex work, that transaction can lead to specific types of relationships between seller and buyer.


On Your Knees to Pray

Oh, schadenfreude! We’ve all been warned to be wary of our identities and information being online, but you’d think if you are going to go out of your way to have a website about your political beliefs, you’d make sure you lock down your online identity right away. Especially if your politics are rather controversial. But no, a homophobic church group let their web site domain expire. So, went from being about the downfall of Sodomites to a bunch of sexy Sodomites going down. On each other. In so many delightful non-homophobic ways.

Of course, with so many anti-gay religious folk secretly engaging in hot queer action, maybe this is just a way for the church to embrace their homo-horny sides.

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