Oh! Hello and welcome! I see you entered through the front door. Most of the time, that's OK, but not this week. You've gotta come in through the back door for this #AnalAugust edition of Sex Stories We Love!

Getting Into Ass

There are a lot of feelings out there about anal sex. Some people cringe at the very mention of it. Others go wild for some butt sex. There are many different reasons for these opinions either way.

As with all sex choices, preferences, and dislikes, the key is to always respect your partner and not move forward with any kind of anal touch without clear consent. Ass fun is definitely not the type of sexual touch you just surprise someone with. On the contrary, anal pleasure is something to be approached slowly and with significant discussion throughout. Wondering about the ins and outs of anal sex? This guide from Teen Vogue is a fantastic introduction for anyone considering some bum love, whether giving or receiving.

Moving Past Fears

There are, essentially, two big reasons why people shy away from trying anal sex: fear and stigma. The fear comes for our bodies. Folks don't want to get hurt. They don't want poop to enter their sexual situation. The other issue is stigma. Unfortunately, anal sex is dripping with stigma and misconceptions. How many of these have you heard:

These are just some of the thoughts that still get thrown out as "fact," which is why it is great to read Diana Park tell us that she likes anal sex and that she likes playing with a man's anal area. And she absolutely hits the butt cheek bullseye by noting how important it is for us to educate young people on what anal sex is - and what it can be.

Debunking Bum Myths

Now, let's not think that everything is rosy when it comes to our rosebuds. There are still a lot of misconceptions and warped ideas floating around out there when it comes to attitudes about anal sex. And you won't hear this from me often, but porn has definitely NOT helped. Sure, most people acknowledge anal because of how it exploded in porn in the '80s and '90s. Yet, porn has not always treated bum fum with due reverence. Unfortunately, the attitudes reflected in porn are still being perpetuated today. So, the next time you're watching your favorite dirty movie and an anal scene kicks off, try to keep your hands out of your pants and instead analyze the scene based on the comments in this piece on Thought Catalog. There is definitely a case to be made for better, realistic depictions of anal in porn.

Some Great Tips

So, we've already talked a lot about anal sex. Let's get you ready to actually enter through the back door! There are some great ideas for anal here, including talking to your partner, cleaning up, using lube, and noting where fingers should (and shouldn't!) go. In some ways, these are the same practices of good sex at anytime. Yet, anal does carry some special circumstances to keep in mind.

One Extra Tip ...

Already into anal sex and looking for a little more? Then get that tongue limber and ready because rimming is going to blow your mind! Analingus is, simply, the use of one's tongue and lips on your partner's butt and anus. While some folks will definitely shy away from this act, it is incredibly intimate and fun at the same time. It feels really, really amazing. Definitely no shame for those who aren't keen, but if you're up for something new, pucker up and give it a try!

Pure Love Here

Finally, an anal sex testimonial in five parts. There are many great reasons to love anal sex and Exhibit A discusses them beautifully.

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