"I got the best sex education when I was in school!" - Said no one ever.

If you had lousy or no sex education when you were in school or even if you hated school, you’ll love the #AdultSexEdMonth stuff that’s been floating around on Twitter and Facebook over the past couple of weeks. It’s the best summer school you've ever attended. Besides, all the naughty kids went to summer school, right? (*wink, wink, nudge*) In this week’s Sex Stories We Love, we’re going through some of the stories you may have missed class by class.

BDSM 101

Stories for BDSM newbies can’t be shared enough. BDSM, when it’s practiced with experienced partners, isn’t always that dangerous, although there are some risks. If you’re playing with things like paddles, whips and restraints when you haven’t had any training, it can be be dangerous. For this class, I’m going to give the green safe word on Kinkly’s behalf and say “go” to Kayla Lord’s tutorial on BDSM 101. It’s a nine-part mini manual about every aspect of BDSM that includes bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism, the importance of communication, SSC (safe, sane, and consensual) versus RACK (risk aware consensual kink), and respecting other people's kinks. If you want the Cliffs Notes version of BDSM 101, check out Just_Indecerous’ new video tutorial What is BDSM? You will sound like you know what you’re talking about after you make use of these references especially when you’re asking questions while you’re learning.

Did Someone Anal?

"Did someone say anal?" Jolynn Raymond asks. She offers lots of great first-timer tips and a lot of recommendations for people that have been at it for a while to poke and get poked better and more safely. If you’ve been getting your anal sex tips from porn and the movies, John Sherman has a lot to say about that in BuzzFeed LGBT especially when it comes to the lack of lube in anal sex scenes.

History Class

Even if you aren’t a big history buff, you’ll probably love A Brief But Totally Fascinating History of Porn on Alternet. You’ll learn things like when the first pornographic pictures were printed and photographed, when the first erotic book was published, and who made the first porn flick. If you were around in 1978 and lived in one of the 1% of households that had a VCR, chances are that you or your parents used it to watch porn. At that time, 75% of VHS tapes were pornographic. And people say that it was the Internet that catapulted porn videos into people’s homes. That didn’t happen until 1994.

Current Events Discussion

So, if we’re going to have some fun with #AdultSexEdMonth, I want to be the class clown who brings up some weird-ass news story in the current events discussion…like the guy who broke his leg while having sex with a horse. Yep. He had sex with horse, and it was believed that the horse kicked him while he was trying to have sex with it. On top of that, this wasn’t the first time this guy had violated one of the equine kind. According to HuffPost Weird News, the guy had been arrested twice for “riding” horses in the past.

Learning Your Letters: The G-Spot, the Big O, and #NotPee

There are no organized sports in the School of #AdultSexEdMonth to earn a varsity letter unless you want to train for the best sport fucking ever. The Redhead Bedhead has some wise words of advice about that in FWB without WTF - 5 Keys to Successful Friends With Benefits Relationships. Cara Sutra also has some sound advice in No Strings Attached - How to Have Shame Free Sex in the 21st Century.

I hate to toot my own horn, but the only story about the G-spot to come across social media with the #AdultSexEdMonth hashtag was a story I wrote back in September. The only reason why I’m bringing attention to myself is because people, even medical experts, are still debating its existence in 2015. You just have to know where to look and how to find it. If you’d like to see more stories about the G-spot archived in the #AdultSexEdMonth Stories by Topic index, share what you’ve read about it with the #AdultSexEdMonth hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. They’ll get archived on the page so that they can be found all through and after #AdultSexEdMonth.

Every year during #AdultSexEdMonth, there always seems to be one big trending topic. In 2013, it was consent. In 2014, it was anal sex. This year, it’s the big “O” – orgasms! There have been stories tweeted and shared on Facebook about the science of orgasms, especially male orgasms, and even how orgasms are explained through science experiments.

Since medical experts are also still debating whether female ejaculation exists, what it is, and how and why it happens, you can find out how to squirt and gush and that it’s #notpee (remember that uproar and controversy back in January?) in articles from Volonte and Marie Claire.

Oral Exams

There are no formal exams in order to pass #AdultSexEdMonth, but you will be probably graded on your oral exams by your partner. Bone up on your fellatio skills by reading 10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Oral Sex in Metro News. You can count on finding some good cunnilingus tips by checking out Giving Her Oral Sex in Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart’s blog. There's also How To Go Down On A Girl For The First Time In 7 Sexy Steps. Since oral sex safety is a required and mandatory lesson, SaferSex.Education and the CHPS answer the most common oral sex safety questions in this blog post.

There you have it. You're well on your way to getting all caught up on the first half of #AdultSexEdMonth!

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