There are many stories out there about common sexual challenges. Finding the best positions, dealing with sexual dysfunction, issues around polyamory, and more. You can read about these concerns every day. However, there are some other issues out there that are just as important, though they might be a little more obscure.

A Bold Statement

You know how some people have swear jars? Every time they say a naughty word, a quarter goes in the jar. Can you imagine how big and how many jars will be needed if men in Texas are fined $100 every they masturbate? And how sticky they would be? In a brilliant political statement, Democrat Jessica Farrar introduced the “Man’s Right To Know Act” that would, including the wank fine, introduce a mandatory waiting period before a vasectomy or getting a prescription for Viagra—which would include a "medically-unnecessary digital rectal exam." All of this is meant to highlight the many challenges women face when seeking sexual health aid in Texas. Hopefully this will bring some much-needed attention to the ridiculous rules in place for women and lead to some change.

Prison Sex of Food

This is an interesting debate: if prisoners were provided better access to sexual relationships, would their behaviour while incarcerated be better? Or, more simply, would sex improve their lives to a significant degree? Different jurisdictions feature different rules on conjugal visits. If we belief much of the current research and literature about sex, it seems that allowing prisoners access to sexual relations, then tensions and hostilities might ease. However, some of the prisoners themselves might not be interested. They’d rather some improvement in the other necessities of life, such as better food and conditions. Everyone has different priorities and sex isn’t always tops.

Price of Beauty

Apparently, there is a reason to pity the pretty people, particularly if they prefer partnerships. Attractive folks may do better in school, get better jobs and enjoy more social advantages, but their relationships don’t last. Of course, this is no laughing matter, everybody should have as good a chance at creating lasting bonds as anyone else, but there might be a little smirk of irony happening here.

Too Much Time Spent on This

So, the average duration of sexual intercourse is 5-9 minutes, according to recent studies. Wait, the average duration of sexual intercourse for heterosexual couples is 5-9 minutes. Wait! The average duration of sexual intercourse for heterosexual couples that define sexual intercourse as the length of time it take for the male partner to ejaculate is 5-9 minutes. I suppose sex is fair game for many different types of study, but it seems this penis-in-vagina-until-penis-is-done focus has been done over and over. Why not more discuss of MM and FF sexual practice duration to help the world learn more about queer folks? Or the sexual experiences of disabled people? It could be argued that this is palatable to the masses...but that is discounting the masses.

Hug a Therapist

Sex therapy cannot be easy work. In fact, just an FYI to readers out there, being involved in sex-related discussion, writing, media, etc,. is nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds. And I’m going to double down here and say that sex therapists have the hardest sex-related (non-performing) job of all. There are so many assumptions and misguided beliefs out there about sex that just working through those with clients must be draining and very unsexy. Then you add the stigma of “sex work” on top of that and the crushing weight of societal misconception about your work must loom large. So, as we grow and start to learn more about, take some time to appreciate all of the sex therapists out there who are helping people as best they can.

Sounds of Pain

Finally, some sex acts are easier than others. Are the challenging ones worth it? If you’re intrigued by cock and ball torture (CBT) and sounding, check out this rather enlightening interview.

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