It is time to get out your calculators and pocket protectors. Oh, and feel free not to bother with any other clothes! This week's Sex Stories We Love is all about the numbers and, boy, are they fascinating. Let's take a look!

22% NOPE

This number shocks me a bit. In my age bracket, this is the number of people who aren’t having sex at all according to this handy interactive tool created by Slate Magazine using data from the General Social Survey, a representative survey of Americans' behavior. Now, is this important to my sex life? Not at all. Even so, filling in the necessary information for various ages and sexual relationships is telling about where we are in terms of general societal sexual frequency. This can help guide sex education, including gearing specific topics to people of specific ages, and provide marketers of adult entertainment with demographics that can guide productions and performer choices. Even sex toy manufacturers could benefit from understanding which age groups are busier with folks or with toys (not that these are mutually exclusive). It is natural to wonder where we fit in on the sliding scale of sexual activity but, practically speaking, this data is more useful for those in the sex industry.

78 Times

That's the number of times the average couple has sex before conceiving a child, according to the New York Post. Deciding when the time is right to welcome a baby into our lives is a big decision. Some folks need to go with a planned route toward baby-makin’. They want to establish a career, build a nest egg, buy a home. Other couples take the more spontaneous route of “Hey, look what happened here!” Yet the former provide excellent fodder for sex stats nerds, both in terms of the physical process of conception and the psychological effects of planning one of the biggest changes in life. Sure, the idea of having sex 13 times per month might be appealing given our previous findings. But for some people, baby-making sex can become a high-pressure chore as well.

16.8 and 17.2 Years

Of course, before we even get to worrying about whether or not we’re gettin’ enough sex or starting to plan our brood, we have to first have sex. But then, that's tricky, because deciding what actually constitutes virginity - and losing it - is hard to pin down, as is so elegantly explained in a recent piece on Inverse. What we know for sure is that losing one’s virginity is considered a big deal, but if you include some very heteronormative, old fashioned and misogynistic definitions of what sex is, then all kinds of folks haven't had - and possibly will never actually have - sex. Some will consider oral sex to not be sex. Same goes with anal. And sex with condoms. And mutual masturbation. The list goes on and on with the intention being to solidify penis in vagina until man orgasms as the true definition of what sex is. That isn’t all there is to sex. Let's hope that society's definition of virginity can continue to evolve in a way that includes more sexual experiences - and the people who have them.

40 Years

Congratulations and much admiration to Joani Blank on the opening of the seminal sex shop Good Vibrations 40 years ago. We all owe a tremendous debt of sexual gratitude to this pivotal moment in our current sexual climate. That we are more able to buy sex toys and products easily and in pleasant, non-oppressive settings is a testament to the lasting influence of this San Francisco original. And that the store is still going strong, sharing sex ed, and helping many along the way is a testament to how badly we needed Good Vibrations. Congratulations!

33% YUP

Looking to add a little casual fun to your life? Something along the lines of a brief hookup that doesn’t include breakfast, but does involve a clear understanding of when the main course is done. If this appeals, then OKCupid suggests that the best time to seek a one-night stand is to the month of June. If you’re basing this on Northern Hemisphere standards, then June is the beginning of summer and, according to OKC, more people are on vacation, students are traveling, and people are working jobs away from home. All of this leads up to a transitory feeling and the increased desire to having some fun without commitment. Maybe you want to see if some new folks are passing through your town...

17 Hours

Finally, DIY sex toys can be great. They can also go terribly wrong. Just ask the guy who got his penis stuck in a wrench. For 17 hours. That is your cautionary tale for today!

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