Now, now, we must mind our sex manners...or you might just get a spanking! Okay, okay...maybe you'll get something you don't want! This week's Sex Stories We Love offers some friendly advice on sex etiquette.

Sock on the Door

For many people, their first roommate experiences often coincide with the same time they start having sex on the regular. Whether that be solo, with a frequent partner, or with a number of different partners, it really doesn't matter. The thing is that having a sex life while also having roommates can sometimes be a bit tricky. Ideally, it would be great to enjoy sexytimes whenever and wherever the hell you want. Fancy a little wet and slippery action in the shower? Well, that would be bad form if your roommate needs to have a shower to get to work on time. Is food a real aphrodisiac for you and you just have to have it bent over the kitchen counter? Not a good idea when your roomy craves a late night snack of microwave popcorn. Even having a wank while lounging on a common room sofa is a no-go! The key here is not what you can't do, but, instead, having consideration for those around you. The number one consideration? Do not put the headboard of your bed against a shared wall.

Titillating Travel

Are you going to travel during the holiday season? Maybe you're planning a nice, warm getaway to enjoy the sun, surf, and sex? Maybe you want to ring in the New Year with a bang in an exotic location? Maybe you have to stay in a roadside motel in a small town because there are just too many people to fit into the familial homestead? Wherever you are, whatever you do, don't commit these travel sex breaches of etiquette. Just because you're feeling a little wild because you're on vacay doesn't mean that everyone around you is interested in experiencing your pleasures as well. And remember, brush up on the laws of where you are if you plan to get a little adventurous! A trip to jail does not count as a night away...

Have Towel, Will Travel

Or maybe you're travelling and your family homestead does have enough room for you to spend the night. Or perhaps you're spending a night with friends who are kind enough to let you crash. Well, you bet there is definitely some etiquette to sneaking in some sexy fun while sleeping over somewhere. And, not, it doesn't involve a plastic baggy! I have to admit that I did have a good chuckle reading this rather silly handjob suggestion. I mean, instead of some cloak and dagger with a sandwich bag, why not just bring a towel? You can spread it on the bed. You can wipe your junk on it. You can wipe your hands on it. And then you throw it back in your bag and take it home. No evidence whatsoever! Anyway, it's probably more important that you stifle moans and don't bang the walls!

After Sex Consideration

So, there's a definite slant of "things a dude shouldn't do" in this article about after sex etiquette. It would be nice to get away from such gendered demarcation. That said, these tips are great for anyone to heed. Take care of your partner. Be considerate. Offer refreshments. These are all basics on how to be a good person. Of course, not all sex is going to apply to every situation and partner, but it is important to learn how to talk to your partner beforehand to know if they'd like a cuddle or if you should hand the video game controller to them when you're done.

Say What?!?

What would you do if your sex partner said something totally awkward during sex? Would it turn you off? Would you be interested in continuing...or would you have to stop? Certainly, it might depend on the situation and what the person said, but the potential for super cringe or even legitimate offense is high. Sure, we've all got our interests, fetishes, desires, and secrets. But during sex isn't the time to verbalize them for the first time. Sure, sometimes it might be an accident when you're overcome with passion. To play it safe, though, it is best to have open and honest conversations with your sex partners to ask how they would feel if you orally ejaculated.

Cleanliness Is Next to Sexiness

Finally, is there really a debate about whether you should clean your sex toys after using them? I mean, you don't do it while your legs are still jelly...but also, don't let them get crusty!

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