Sex and digital content are like that couple you know are perfect for each other...but who also have some of the weirdest arguments of all time. They should get along, but can't stop fighting! This week's Sex Stories We Love explores a few of the ways our sex lives are playing out digitally.

UpUpDownDown and All Around

Whenever a new medium of communication is created, you know that depictions of sex will surely follow shortly thereafter. So, it stands to reason that sex has a long history of appearing in video games. I remember my first encounters of sex in a video game. Good ol' Leisure Suit Larry! I spent a lot of time at my local mall, in the arcade. One day, one of my fellow mallrats discovered that the Radio Shack had a computer set and actually ran Leisure Suit Larry. And the goofball teenagers in charge didn't care who came in to play it! Now, by today's standards, it is pretty tame. But that little eight bit lounge lizard was certainly eye-opening to a bunch of young teens!

Club Penguin Shenanigans

Fast forward to current times and we see that sex in video games is the point that it is taking over abandoned online properties. Disney's Club Penguin had a pretty good run, but the House of Mouse shuttered the site in 2017. However, in the years since, Club Penguin clones sprung up here and there which are definitely not very Disney-like! Just imagine all the penguin e-sex that was running rampant. Now, I'm definitely a fan of adult humour slipped into kids programming. I'm a parent and took some solace when a double entendre slipped into an animated feature. with many other instances, this recent Club Penguin clone took subverting the creation way too far.

OnlyFans Might Lose Lots of Fans

The same old cycle is happening with another online platform. How do you make something popular? Allow sexual content. As with Tumblr and Patreon, OnlyFans made itself hospitable and welcoming to sex and sex workers since its inception. Yet now, just like the other two, OnlyFans is now starting to roll back that welcome mat for sex workers. Sex workers are now feeling a lot of heat on the content-monetizing portal and the site has not been overly communicative with their direction. Instead, those who feature sexual content are finding themselves suddenly banned or deactivated, sometimes at the loss of earned money. Even after scouring the terms of agreement, it can be hard to find a fault in their work. Instead, it is the same old story of stepping all over sex workers on the way to the top.

Sex Ed Online

Great news to hear that Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon is taking their vital sex education resources online. Offering resources for both teachers and small classes, this is an integral step in dealing with the pandemic. Sex education is an integral services that needs to continue, even in this crisis. Young people need these resources to understand themselves and the situations that will still present, even if we are practicing social distancing. We are fully aware that sex is not stopping just because of this crisis. Here's hoping other chapters are able to ramp up to offer the same resources (and can continue for years and years to come).

Webcam Wanks

Whether you're into it for fun or profit, there is absolutely an art to masturbating on webcam. You might think it is as simple as setting up the camera and, well, masturbating. Not so fast there. Let's edge on this concept a little bit. There are so many things to consider. Lighting! Camera quality! Positions! Outfits! Toys! Lube! There will always be an audience for grainy, poorly-lit static solo adventures, but even your most awestruck lovers will probably lose interest unless you put some care into your camming and va-va-voom into your videos. When you get the tech and setup basics down, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you're going to be interacting, albeit at a distance, with your viewers. How do you want to play that? Will it turn you on, too? Here's hoping so!

Finding Friends?

Finally, have you ever come across a friend's secret online presence and wondered what to do? Stoya and Rich of How To Do It offer some pretty sound advice on how to handle this potentially awkward situation.

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