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Review: Wet Lubricants

Published: JUNE 6, 2013 | Updated: JULY 14, 2020
Our reviewer tried out four top selling lubricants from Wet. Find out which she liked the best.

The Products: A Selection of Wet Lubricants

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Let me just start by saying that I would have written this review sooner but I was too busy playing with the four fun lubricants Wet sent me to get anywhere near my computer! But now that I've used them all a few times each, I think I'm qualified to give an honest opinion. So here goes ... (For some background reading on different types of lubricant, check out The Ins and Outs of Sexual Lubricants.)


The Basics

First things first: Wet lubricants come in brightly colored, cute and convenient packaging. I personally love the bottles; just pop the top and squeeze. This is made even simpler by a nice little finger grip on the side of each bottle. Plus, all the bottles are tailored to the type of lube inside, making it easy to find the one you want, even in the heat of the moment! The bottles also all have a little fine metallic glitter in the plastic. It made them cute and girly ... but not very discreet. That wouldn't stop me from using them though. Here's a look at each product I tried.

Synergy Hybrid Lubricant

Synergy is a water/silicone hybrid lubricant. Neat, right? It's smoother than pure silicone but not as thin as a pure water based lube. It has no smell to it that I could notice, no unpleasant flavor and no color. The serious black and purple bottle lets you know this is the lube you need to get down to business. And I did, because this one was my favorite by far. The blend of water and silicone makes for a very natural feel and it's very long lasting. It's smooth, it's silky and it's as close to the real thing as you can possibly get. I honestly can't think of anything that I don't like about it. Great job Wet!


two bottles of Wet Synergy Hybrid Lubricant

Synergy Hybrid Lubricant by Wet


Platinum Premium Lubricant

Platinum is a pure silicone lube. It's significantly thicker than a water based lube but is water proof. Again no smell, unpleasant flavor or color with this one. I don't know that I'd choose this over Synergy for everyday play, but pure silicone is always nice if you want to get naughty in the shower or hot tub (just don't use it with silicone sex toys, OK?).

Because it isn't water soluble, this lube is also very long lasting. One drawback, though: I found it to be a little sticky at first. Once it heats up to your body temperature it thins out and becomes smoother.


five bottles of Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant

Platinum Premium Lubricant by Wet

Ecstasy Xtra Cooling Sensation Lubricant

Ecstasy Xtra Cooling Lubricant is a water-based lube with peppermint, ginger, passion flower and some other herb extracts. It has a refreshing herbal smell and flavor, but no color. The bottle is a very shiny sparkly blue color so you know exactly what you're heading for in your little bedside drawer.


To be honest, I was a little freaked out about trying this one. Peppermint just doesn't seem like something I would want to put on my lady parts, and for the most part I've avoided products with this ingredient. But use this I did, and overall I was pleasantly surprised. The cooling effect is not as intense as what I would have thought and didn't last as long either. The tingling sensation was a different experience and one I would definitely play with again.

two bottles of Wet Ecstasy Xtra Cooling Sensation Lubricant

Ecstasy Xtra Cooling Sensation Lubricant by Wet

Flavored Gel Lubricant, Kiwi Strawberry

Wet has several flavored lubes, but they hooked me up with their kiwi-strawberry flavored, water based gel lube. You can definitely smell this one. Especially the kiwi. The flavor is also true to its name. I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of flavored lubricants overall, but this one wasn't bad. The flavor was nice, although it still got too sweet for my liking. But I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Those who do might be more into this.

Also, although this lube has a pinkish color, it didn't stain my sheets in the lube flood that ensued. Yes, I said lube flood. This lubricant's on the thin side, so when my husband squeezed the bottle a little too hard, we ended up with a kiwi-strawberry puddle. It didn't stop our fun though. In fact, I dare say we enjoyed our puddle.

eight bottles of Wet Flavored Gel Lubricant

Flavored Gel Lubricant by Wet

The Verdict

Wet definitely does a good job with its products and I would recommend any of them to my friends. I'm more of a plain Jane in the lube department, so the flavored and cooling lubes were not my favorite, but they still did the job. For me, the Synergy lube was a standout. It is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy that someone came up with a sex lube that feels like the real thing. Overall, I'm giving the Wet lubes four hearts out of five. Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have a lot of product to use up ...

Disclosure: Wet provided Kinkly with these products to review. Our policy is that our writers provide the pros and cons of each and every product they test. Read more great reviews here.

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