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Sex Toy Review: Liberator Flip Ramp

Published: OCTOBER 27, 2014 | Updated: MARCH 11, 2021
This product really inspires creative, comfortable, playful sex.

The Product: The Liberator Flip Ramp Sex Furniture

The Verdict:Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)


I like to wear high heels during sex. Not just because they are sexy, but because I'm only 4 feet 11 inches tall and I need the lift! If I'm going to have sex standing up or against a wall I need high heels just to align my body with my partner. But heels don’t help me once I am on a bed or on the floor. So, I am the queen of popping my ass up high, nipples to the bed or floor. I can flip and twist and make my little body work. As a result, I've never really thought a position ramp would make that much of a difference for me.

Well, I was wrong. It totally does.

It actually sort of blew my mind how well the Flip Ramp works, and it’s not just because I am petite. (Get some background on sex furniture in Sex Furniture: Love Your Home.)


Secret Mission: Reposition

The Flip Ramp does not look like a piece of sex furniture. It looks like an upholstered cube. I can set it in my living room and it looks like a little ottoman. (Liberator also sells a cube-shaped cover to completely disguise your Flip Ramp as an ottoman.)

In the middle, there is a sturdy fabric joint where it flips open to create a curvaceous ramp. Even then, it could easily be mistaken for a video game chair or lounger for watching television. From pictures alone I thought it would be more like memory foam, but it is pleasantly more firm than I imagined. The curves are very comfortable against my body but I didn’t sink into it. The microfiber cover zips off and is machine washable.

The Ride

Once the Flip Ramp arrived in the mail, my partner and I found ourselves sort of casing the thing, our creative sexual juices flowing. As a cube, he can sit on it and throw me over his lap. Or I can be face up or belly down for intercourse or toy play. Flipped open, the high curve is doggy-style perfection. On my back it makes for supreme G-spotting during missionary. It took only moments before we had it flipped open and were testing out the positioning possibilities. It is very inspiring and every position we have tried thus far feels different with the Flip Ramp because of how it both forces my body into different positions and takes pressure off of my muscles. It allows for longer bouts of play too.


The Highs

The Flip Ramp is a super comfortable way to bring more creativity and playfulness into your sex life. If your lover is taller or shorter than you, it's especially awesome. It may also be an asset to people with limited mobility, a big body, a back injury or the like. (Read more about dealing with pain and injury in When Sex Hurts - and What You Can Do About It.)

The Lows

There are no serious drawbacks to the Flip Ramp that I've found, but if you have children, they are going to want to steal it and loaf around or do gymnastics on it. Some people may not like that, but that's also part of the Flip Ramp's appeal: It is irresistible to anyone who loves fun.

The Verdict

This is a pricey product, but I'd say it's well worth the cost. Many of the Liberator products are built to work together to create even more positioning possibilities. I'm certainly game to invest in a few more pieces. I love a product that really inspires a person to be creative in sex play. Isn't that what sex should be about? That's why I'm giving this toy top marks, and five hearts out of five.


Disclosure: Liberator provided Kinkly with this toy to review. Our policy is that our writers provide the pros and cons of each and every toy, because even the best toys could be better! Read more great sex toy reviews here.

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