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Decoding Desire


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Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where your sex life was challenged because of “miss-matched libido?” …Or reminisce about the good ol’ days of when you first met your new love and you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. When the fire is hot it’s easy to feel the pull of carnal passion. But too often we are left wondering why desire dims and sex begins to feel like a chore. In this upcoming webinar we’ll be decoding desire to help you understand how to keep the fires of passion burning. You’ll learn ways to harness libido fluctuation. Whether your passion runs consistently hot or you often need a break from sex, in this webinar you’ll discover new communication techniques, and practices that will help you and your partner come together without compromising your unique erotic style.


  • Megwyn White

    Megwyn White

    Certified Clinical Sexologist

  • Mal Harrison

    Mal Harrison

    Certified Clinical Sexologist