We hear a lot about erogenous zones when the topic of sexual technique pops up. Simply put, erogenous zones are areas of the body with heightened sensitivity. Stimulating them can inspire delicious feelings of relaxation, affection, and arousal.

Erogenous zones are often lined with more nerve endings than other areas of the body, making them more vulnerable to sensations like pain and pleasure. However, everyone is different and being touched in a place that awakens one person sexually might feel neutral or even bad to another.

Understanding erogenous zones is an excellent way to boost good times in the bedroom. Not sure where your erogenous zones even are? Try running a wand vibrator, like plusOne's new Vibrating Wand, around your or your partner's body and see what feels good!

Let's get down to business! How well do you know your erogenous zones? Take our quiz to find out!