What devices or exercises can I use to work my PC muscles?


The first step before doing PC exercises is to know your pelvic floor anatomy. The PC muscle (pubococcygeus) is one of the pelvic floor muscles in a network of muscles and ligaments that support the lower organs (in all sexes). In women, it contains connective tissue that supports the vagina, uterus, bladder, and rectum. It ranges from the pubic bone to the spine and creates a pelvic hammock of muscle fibers that the urethra and vagina pass through.

We hear pelvic floor toning referred to as “doing your PC exercises” or “Kegel exercises.” It is important to maintain your pelvic floor at any age and to start as soon possible. The changes in tone start as early as your 20s and continue over time. The PC muscles are the most under-worked in the body, so it is essential to get a routine and stick to it. Doing PC exercises several times a week or every day will have the best outcome and benefits to overall health. It takes time, effort, and practice to become acquainted with your routine, gain awareness of the pelvic floor muscles, and to start using a device. The benefits of pelvic floor exercising can be seen within a few weeks, but often takes time for improvement of more serious symptoms. It is important to seek medical evaluation if you experience any distress over symptoms, or conditions that may need pelvic floor physical therapy for improvement.

Now for the fun part… the devices! There are a lot of great options on the market ranging from Kegel devices to weighted barbells that also act as pleasure devices. It all comes down to personal preference and comfort. If you don’t want to think about Kegels, then look into weighted Ben-Wa balls. Place them in while you are doing tasks around the house, brushing your teeth in the morning, etc. They come in different weights and a harness so that you can work up to two balls and maximum weight. As you move, the balls move causing contractions in the pelvic floor. They are simple to use and discreet so you can insert at home or even when you are on the go.

Guys, I didn’t forget about you! There are also PC devices such as weighted rings that help you work your pelvic floor.

Overall, PC exercises are essential to overall health and well-being. There are many sexual health benefits including prevention of sexual concerns including urinary incontinence, decreased sexual satisfaction, and back pain. PC exercises will improve your sexual response and your sex life.


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