Climax. Le petit mort. Peaking. Cleave the pin. cumming. Coming. The Big O. Melt. Bust a nut. Welcome to the orgasm edition of Sex Stories We Love!

The Basic Complexity of Orgasms

Okay. Let's start off with the nitty gritty of sex. Our brains and bodies undergo a myriad of complex actions during sex that can all come together in that wonderful sensation known as an orgasm. You've got dopamine being released here, and different parts of the brain reacting there. Connections we might or might not understand during non-sexual times, such as the blurred lines between pain and pleasure, can occur and really challenge our sense of our bodies. For a very long time, sex was positioned as an activity that was just meant for reproduction. However, the complex systems that produce and result from pleasure and orgasm show us that sex really is much more than makin' babies. It truly feeds into much more for our bodies.

Isn't Always Sexual

A lot has been assumed about sex over the years. It is great that we're starting to demystify a lot about it. The same goes for orgasm, with the primary understanding being that orgasm is a purely sexual thing. Now, it is easy to understand why we have this assumption. People have been condition to not talk about sex for a long time. Talking about experiencing orgasm in situations that weren't sexual would be tantamount to talking about sex. Round and round we go! Because our bodies use that complex system of reactions,it is quite possible to have orgasms in many ways beyond sex. There are many different activities and actions that can stimulate the needed parts in our bodies. This is all completely natural. When it comes down to it, our bodies just like to feel good.

The Come Down Differences

Actually, "good" isn't always the way our body feels during and after an orgasm. Well, that depends on how you define good. Because we're all individuals and because we all have unique bodies, we might have differing reactions to orgasm. Wanting to sleep or shaking legs or feelings of euphoria...those might sound more common. But...sneezing, headaches, feeling like you have the flu? These are all a bit different...but also not uncommon. What are some of the ways you feel after an orgasm?

Mind the Gap

Now, all of this sounds well and good, as if there are orgasms just laying around all over the place for us to all enjoy as we please. Unfortunately for many women, gettin' off just ain't always that easy. This has led to an "orgasm gap." There are many articles and advice columns posted about this concern, with the majority taking a very heterocentric bent on things. Basically, in these straight relationships, guys do not do enough to participate in their female partner's pleasure. Our current sexual culture is working to undo this type of thinking and, slowly, it is moving forward. But...there is a lot of damage to undo.

Penetration Confusion

Another of the many assumptions and misconceptions that come with sex and orgasm include the fact that an orgasm should come during penetrative sex, particularly during heterosexual sex. We've all seen the movies of major, intense mutual orgasms happening where the performers throw their heads and pant and moan and everything looks all romantic and shit. Now, if you have a penis and you're participating in penetrative sex, yes, achieving an orgasm is frequently possible. Yet, folks with vaginas may not have the same ease. This has led to a lot of confusion, particularly because our sex ed game has became weaker over the years. We grow up thinking that penetration is the key to an orgasmic good time for everyone. As with many things related to sex, there are many, many different variations on how things work.

Under the Spell?

Finally, would you try erotic hypnotherapy to try for an amazing orgasm?

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