Oh, the places you'll come and go! Sex is great in the bedroom. It's also great elsewhere. And potentially everywhere! This week's Sex Stories We Love explores the different sex we can have all over this beautiful planet of ours.

On a Plane? In a Car? Will You Go Far?

For some folks, sex is all about convenience and predictability. Hello relationships! Just kidding...sorta. For others, sex is all about adventure. And sometimes maybe desperation. Just kidding...sorta. Given that so many of us communicate with people all around the world, every day and with the greatest of ease, means that we can establish relationships and connections. We can spark out filthiest fancies with a few keystrokes or chat which may lead to a hastily and hornily purchased plane ticket across the globe. How far would you travel for sex? Is there anything that would truly entice you to drive for hours or endure an uphill (both ways!) walk through snow just to get it on?

Where to Raise the Rainbow Flag?

Happy Pride, everyone! Every June, a rainbow flag waves high over the world to celebrate LGBTQIA+ community. In some countries, the celebration is a downright gay affair that marks significant achievements in the struggle for equality. Unfortunately, in other countries, Pride month is a reminder of how much we still need to do to even recognize basic human rights of the community. So if you happen to find yourself in the above situation, where you're looking at flights to go somewhere and fuck, it is a good idea to be aware of the places where you're safe to pursue that opportunity and where queer connections might be a dangerous proposition. While some of us can enjoy a day of parade and revelry, others just want to be recognized, accepted, and safe.

Amazing Kink Space

Something I love about the sex community is how it can truly be a community; a gathering of like souls. It is a gathering of people with a common thread. Sometimes, it's a gathering of people who enjoy sex in countless different ways. Tableaux, a monthly kink event in Brooklyn, makes me want to jump on a plane or test the limits of my old jalopy to go and check it out. The art event offers so much to its community, and such a positive message, that my big sex community heart makes me hope that similar events pop up everywhere to give like-minded folks a place to find their own gathering. I love it!

Sex on Wheels

Hmmm, this makes me think. Maybe I'll be able to get rid of my old beater some day so that I can travel in style, beating off as I go. For some, the advent of auto pilot cars conjures images of getting more work done or sleeping on a long trip. Inevitably though, self-driving cares definitely means sex; people getting their own motors running while running errands. I'm not going to lie. It was absolutely my first thought when I heard of them. And, of course, if we're thinking it, there is definitely porn of it. Do you think sex in self-driving cars will take off? Will we have a boom of Tesla tots, kids conceived on carnal car trips?

Vacation Sex Vacancy?

For many, travel and vacation instantly brings up thoughts of a hot and steamy time. Whether you're going to a warm weather resort, an exciting city, or even a romantic, small-town get away, the popular belief is that going away means getting off more. But here's the kicker (and I hate to be a downer), according to a recent poll, less than half of all respondents actually had more sex while on vacation. This actually isn't that hard to believe. As much as vacations can be amazing, they can also be very stressful. Different expectations, exhaustion from sightseeing, and overstimulation from other exciting experiences can all contribute to crawling back to a hotel room and falling into bed as opposed to falling into each other's arms.

Shiver Me Timbers!

Finally, it seems that if you're looking to get blown ashore or make some sexy waves, you might want to plan a cruise trip. But don't set your eyes on the staff. They're supposed to be off-limits!

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