What gear is your sex drive in these days? How much folks do or do not want sex will always vary, pandemic or not. This week's Sex Stories We Love looks at the different factors that can seem like nitrous or a parking brake on our sex lives.

Sex Overdrive?

Okay, is your sex drive going through the roof as you isolate and quarantine? Don't worry, you're not weird. And you're not alone. Take a look at any social media platform and you'll see plenty of folks are dealing with the exact same feelings. People have more time on their hands. People are getting a little antsy being cooped up. Some folks are simply afraid and that can cause a strong reaction. If you have someone or more than one at home who can help you out in this situation, great! If not, have no fear. There are so many awesome ways to enjoy masturbation. Maybe we can start Masturbation Month a little early!

Nooner Advice

While I am sure many people hoped and wished for the potential of midday sexy shenanigans, I do not think these are the ideal nooner circumstances. With so many people working from home now, the potential for stress relief and social connecting have never been better. Here are some words of advice: a) don't announce it on social media if you're on someone's payroll, b) make sure your webcam is covered and your mic is turned off, and c) be sure to put some clothes back on before you do any teleconferencing. I don't know how easily you'll collect an unemployment cheque if you get fired for fucking on the company's dime.

A Big, Thirsty Gulp

So, at some point in the past few years, "thirsty" became this generation's "horny." Frankly, I'm good with that because horny has always been one of my least favourite words. While thirst has, for a long time, been used to describe wanting many different things, its use, in common parlance, for sex is fairly recent. Except if you read erotica. People have been thirsty in erotica for a long, long time. Anyways...what causes thirst? The inimitable Dr. Nicole Prause explains.

Sex Drive and Fibromyalgia

One of the most significant factors that affects our sex drives in a negative way is our health. This makes perfect sense. If you don't feel well, you're likely going to be less interested in sex. Those who deal with chronic pain concerns such as fibromyalgia know the frustration that comes with a health-affected sex drive. Whether it is the condition itself or the medications prescribed to deal with fibro, the emotions that can accompany this change in lifestyle can be very hard to deal with. Urmi Bhattacheryya shares her own experiences with sexual dysfunction and fibromyalgia and offers much more in this insightful offering.

Not on the Same Page

It is inevitable, in a long-term relationship, that at some point your sex drives won't align. Maybe it will be a temporary thing, maybe the situation will extend for a long time. It is important to remember that there can be a multitude of reasons why your desire for sexytimes doesn't match up with your partner(s), regardless of who is more interested and who is less interested. We're all under a lot of pressure and stress. We all have a unique body chemistry. We all react and feel different things about the situations we're presented with. Really, we're all unique and we can't expect the people we fuck to always be in the same head and crotch space. The key is that nobody feels pressured and there is no coercion or consent violations.

Care for a Poke?

Finally, looking for a different way to deal with getting your motor running? Maybe acupuncture is the answer to your low sex drive.

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