Hold my calls! Schedule a Meeting! Where are my briefs? This week's Sex Stories We Love explores the big, bouncy business of sex.

No Child Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are controversial on pretty much every level. In a sense, they shouldn't be. On a very base level, they seem like just another pleasure product. Unfortunately, they carry the potential of much more. Their significance is going to be huge in the coming years. Sex pleasure tech and business advances at such a rapid rate that we're going to face many ethical dilemmas. The problem of child sex dolls just might be a litmus test. Now, I'm not often in favour of prohibiting much when it comes to sex. There are arcane laws around the world meant to stigmatize and outlaw simple, natural pleasure. I do agree with Norway's action of banning child-like sex dolls. I feel this is an instance where people who might be at risk of committing an offense against a child could be emboldened by owning and enjoying such a product. What do you think?

Have a Seat

There is no denying that sex is big business. And with these advances in sex tech and products, we are reaping the benefits of quality, durability, and sometimes, elegance in our sexual devices. And I guess, if you've got the money, you might as well go out and buy four sex chairs for different rooms in your house. Then, when you decide you don't want them anymore, sell them in an online auction... At one point, socialite Amanda Eliasch decided she needed a pricey sex chair. Then she figured she needed more. I'm not personally a fan of monetary extravagance of this nature, even for the elite and wealthy. But that's not what I find unfortunate in the story. The chairs, it seems, are noted as unused. Too bad for her, but maybe that's all around better for the bidders.

There Are Reasons

So a guy walks into a sex shop looking for a job and he is told they don't hire men. He sues. When I read this, I could see the outrage of the situation. I mean, who is this guy to think he should be allowed to work in a sex shop?! Sure, some might see the problem being some kind of alleged discrimination. Nope. There are distinct, valid reasons backed up by statistics about sexual violence that make this a fair decision by this branch of the Adam & Eve chain. We're still combating the dreadful sexual treatment of women and trans people by men. A sex shop should be a safe space moreso than it should be a guaranteed place of employment. Hopefully this lawsuit goes nowhere.

Naughty Naming

No talk about sex and business would be complete without some discussion of porn. While there have been shifts over the years in what types of porn delivery are most valuable and profitable, there has long been money in sexy movies of various sorts. Investors who get involved in porn and make a successful go of it aren't usually the type to rest on their lubed-up laurels. So, it is no surprise that porn companies make more frequent forays into mainstream business. And to do so, they've got to get their names out there. Putting your company name on the side of a major league sports arena is definitely going to get your attention. It's probably unlikely that the Miami Heat will play in the BangBros Arena anytime soon, even though they're offering $10 million for those naming rights. Just submitting the bid provided some hot attention!

Bonfire of the Nasties

Speaking of BangBros, they're all over sex news and flexing their financial muscles to help the sex community as well. The company recently bought Porn WikiLeaks, a nasty bit of business established to dox members of the porn community to shut the whole thing down. Names and addresses were made public, putting countless performers at personal risk. So, BangBros decided to look after their own. They bought PWL and literally burned that fucker to the ground. Good on 'em.

Just Another Day at the Office

Finally, is it just me or are these office sex stories kinda tame? Not that I've got any good office shenanigans of my own...but do you? Where is the best spot you've seen a sticky note placed?

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