Say good-bye to the days of your firm, solid dildos. If your sex toy's rigidity is leaving you wanting more, there's no reason you need to settle for its solid design. Say hello to the Squeeze-It Collection of toys from XR Brands!

With your choice of anal plugs and dildos, this collection of sex toys is made from a proprietary Silexpan and Silicone blend that leaves these sex toys feeling ultra-soft and ultra-squishy.

Not settling with a standard flared base, each one of the Squeeze-It toys are also equipped with a suction cup base. Use this base for hands-free pleasure with the dildos, or utilize its helpful presence to help get the anal plugs inserted hands-free. Whenever you're done, just easily break the seal from the equipped suction cup base, and your silicone toy will be free again!

Whether you choose the dildos or the anal plugs, each one of the Squeeze-It toys can be squeezed and bent to your pleasure. Enjoy the squishy texture once it's inside you for an ultra-comfortable wearing experience, or choose to bend and squish the toy during penetration to change up your toy's typical sensations. You can even change the temperature of the adult toy to further customize your experience!

What Is This I Hear about Temperature?

While designed especially for its plushy goodness, the proprietary material blend also features a hidden way to play - and that way is through temperature play! The Squeeze-It toys are equipped with Thermo Reactive Technology, allowing you to use the power of temperature to further customize your squishy experience.

Boil your dildo in water for a maximum of two minutes to heat up the material. In addition to feeling hot to the touch (we always recommend testing the temperature of the toy against your inner wrist before putting it between your thighs!) this temperature change makes the toy's bendable properties even more pliable! Your dildo or anal plug will squish and bend even more easily when heated up.

Of course, the opposite is true too. Stick your Squeeze-It toy in the refrigerator to let it cool down. Perfect to play on a hot summer's day (or as part of a kinky scene!), the toy will be cold to the touch. (We still recommend that wrist test before play!) In addition to changing the temperature of the toy, it also makes the pliable material less pliable for more-gradual changes to the bendable design of the Squeeze-It sex toys.

What Are My Options?

Now that you know all of the amazing benefits that the Squeeze-It toys offer, let's talk about your different options for exploring this squishy, bendable goodness.

First off, we have the Squeeze-It Anal Plugs. If you love a thick, filling anal plug, these plugs are for you! Not for the faint of heart (with a diameter that starts at 2"!), each one of these anal plugs is equipped with this squishable, proprietary material we've been talking about. Choose from Small, Medium, or Large for a butt plug that's the ideal size for your stretching sessions.

If you'd rather play with thrusting, the Squeeze-It Dildos are a great fit for you. Available in a wavy texture or a thick, pronounced-head design, each one of these colorful dildos is crafted from the ground-up in this squeezeable material. While the Squeeze-It Thick Phallic Dildo is larger-than-average, the Squeeze-It Wavy Dildo offers a beginner-friendly size with a constantly changing shaft for orgasmic penetration. The Squeeze-It dildos can also be used with a strap-on harness.

Other Squeeze-It Toys' Facts You Need to Know

Material: Silexpan and Silicone
Equipped with suction-cup base
Thermo-reactive material for temperature play
Only compatible with water-based lubes
See individual product pages for product measurements

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