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New Toy to Know: Clandestine Mimic Plus

Published: APRIL 27, 2020 | Updated: JULY 28, 2020
Why not hit all of your erogenous zones at once with the powerful vibrations the Mimic Plus can provide?

Don't settle for awkwardly holding a vibrator when your vibrator could meld to your fingers like a second skin. Crafted to "mimic" the natural curves of your hand when touching yourself (or your partner!), the Mimic Plus revolutionizes the palm vibrator category.


diagram of hand holding the Clandestine Mimic Plus vibrator

A powerful motor encased in premium, silky-smooth silicone, this ergonomic vibrator nestles between the vaginal lips for powerful, targeted pleasure on some of the most-sensitive areas of the clitoris and vulva.

While the vibrations center on top of the visible part of the clitoris, the Mimic Plus' diffused wingspan offers full-vulva pleasure. While the clitoris offers 8,000 nerve endings, the vulva also has its own nerve endings - and its own capacity for pleasure!

Why not hit all of your erogenous zones at once with the powerful vibrations the Mimic Plus can provide?


Clandestine Mimic Plus vibrator

The Mimic Plus's features don't stop with its powerful vibrations. The Mimic Plus ensures your seamless experience with its attention to detail. The flat base allows the Mimic Plus to sit upright for easy sink-side drying. The LED-light at the base can be as dim (or as bright!) as you want with its 50% dimmer function. Its waterproof capabilities, rechargeability, travel-lock, and luxuriously smooth silicone take your vibrating experience to the next level.

Award-Winning Pleasure!

Don't just take our word for it! The Mimic Plus is catching the eye of of everyone in the sex industry as well! Mimic Plus took home the Couples Sex Toy of the Year award at the 2020 XBIZ Awards - one of the largest sex toy awards ceremonies of the year!


While it didn't take home the gold, the Mimic Pluswas also nominated as a Luxury Pleasure Product of the Year at that same ceremony. As if that wasn't enough, the company that makes the Mimic Plus, Clandestine Devices, stood out with a nomination for the Boutique Pleasure Products Company of the Year.

It isn't just customers who are paying attention to the Mimic Plus. The industry is taking notice too!

Clandestine Mimic Plus: Couples Sex Toy of the Year award, 2020 XBIZ Awards

I've Heard of the Mimic. What's New about the Plus?

Clandestine's flagship product was the Mimic - which was the inspiration for the vibrator you see in front of you now! Wanting to offer products to a wider range of tastes, Clandestine Devices took everything they loved about their original Mimic vibrator and changed it around. Welcome to the Mimic Plus!


Clandestine Mimic Plus vibrator with box

Mimic Plus's most-noticeable change is its upgrade in power. The Plus is four times as powerful as its flagship design. The new motor offers deeper, rumblier vibrations than the original Mimic - much to reviewers' delight! This more-powerful motor comes with a need for more space, and the Mimic Plus is crafted with a thicker and taller design than the original Mimic. (You have to store that extra power somewhere!)

Not only that, but the Mimic Plus includes an upgrade to being rechargeable. Don't "plug in" your vibrator. Instead, the Mimic Plus includes a magnetic charging port at the base of the vibe. Just get the charging cable near the magnetic contact points, and in two hours, your vibrator will be fully charged and ready for action!


Clandestine Mimic Plus vibrator with charging cable plugged in

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • 4.125" in height and 3.5" in width, the Mimic Plus fits easily into your hand.
  • Mimic Plus is equipped with six speeds and eight vibration modes.
  • The vibrator's silky-smooth silicone ensures the toy will glide against your skin.
  • Keeping it quiet, the Mimic Plus doesn't go over 68dB - the same as white noise level of an air conditioner in the background!
  • Magnetically rechargeable! Don't fuss with pushing a cable into your vibe. The Mimic Plus is rechargeable via the magnetic USB cable. The Mimic Plus charges to a full battery in two hours!
  • The LED Light-Up Base keeps you on-track! It lights up during use, and it blinks when your new toy needs a charge.
  • A flat base allows your Mimic Plus to stand upright on flat surfaces - useful for keeping your toy clean before use!
  • Take your pleasure on the go! The Mimic Plus is travel-friendly! Use the vibrator's travel-lock to ensure your toy only turns on when you want it to.
  • The Mimic Plus is waterproof! Welcome to the world of easy cleaning and aquatic sexual adventures!
  • Stay protected with a One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty from Clandestine Devices.

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