Lights! Camera! Lots and lots of hot, sexy action! This week's Sex Stories We Love checks in on the always fast-paced and fascinating news in the world of porn.

Pay Per View

The attacks on porn, and by extension sex and sexuality, are very, very real. While this article is certainly biased, it provides a crucial bit of news that folks who value sexual freedom (and choice in general) need to heed. It seems a Republican representative in Tennessee has introduced a bill requiring internet service providers to ban all porn sites and have viewers "opt in" to accessing porn sites. If you've ever been afraid of the concept of Big Brother, this is the time to be freaked the fuck out. An opt in on porn would create an instant database of deviance, putting every porn consumer on a list. And who knows who those lists will be used to persecute, prosecute, and punish... We should be very, very afraid.

Mythical Extreme Rabbit Hole

One of the biggest fears people have about porn is the belief that anyone who consumes and enjoys people fucking on film will someday become desensitized to what they've already watched and then crave something harder, dirtier, and then more extreme. The more porn you see, the more extreme porn you want. But is this true? That desire for content will then push companies to make that content. And this becomes a downward spiral into a nasty hole of harm to both viewers and performers. Justin Lehmiller notes that the "content progression theory" has been around for a long time, but that recent research suggests it has no teeth. One study indicates that people into kinky porn like all kings of porn, from vanilla to extreme, and another shows that young, male porn habits don't really change over time. The more you know!

Take Me to Your Hotties

Speaking of potentially extreme content, Rule 34 is in full effect when it comes to the rise in popularity of alien porn. Really, I'm not sure why this is at all surprising, though. As a culture, we are generally fascinated by aliens. We go nuts for the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms, so it just makes sense that some folks would also get aroused by ET's long finger and what it might do to you. As more research is done, as people become more comfortable with and open to talking about sex, the more we learn that humans have an extremely wide-ranging appetite for sexual exploration and fantasy. Plus, who wouldn't be intrigued to boldly go where no one has gone (down) before.

Equality for Tops and Bottoms

I don't buy this supply and demand argument for why tops get paid more than bottoms in gay porn. The pay scales for gay porn performers have been exposed and it is truly unfair that receptive scene partners get paid less than insertive scene partners. It takes both performers to make a scene hot. It takes both performers to give it their all because there are certainly some members of the viewing audience who are enthralled by the top and others who are lusting after the bottom. If both are equally experienced and haven't risen to the status of top talent, then there's no reason they should be compensated differently.

Sex Ed Is the Key

Really, when it comes down to it, porn has an extreme image problem. Pornography has been equated to so many ills of society, but it really isn't evil. All over the world there are initiatives to hide porn, remove porn, ban porn, and shut down the industry. While I fully agree that it is an industry that needs to be observed and regulated ensure that it isn't harming its performers and crew, just like any other industry, I do agree that progressive, inclusive sex education will contribute much more to helping society's ex issues that banning porn ever will. They key to knowledge is literacy, whether we're talking language, mathematics, science, or sex. Nobody is inherently sex literate. It must be learned. And understanding porn, to consume it ethically, also must be learned.

Dressed to Thrill...and Teach

Finally, check out some of the top Asian porn stars deconstructing cultural stereotypes with a bold feminist statement on the runway of Fashion Week! Strut, sashay, and werq it!

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