There are many reasons why having sex in a bed is a great and wonderful thing. Big space, comfortable, and easy to fall asleep in afterwards. But...just having sex in your own bed can get a little boring. There are lots of different places to have in this big, wide world. This edition of Sex Stories We Love explores some of the many different hot spots for hot sex...and some of the implications that hot sex might have.

Always Lock the Door

Visiting family over the holidays can be very stressful, especially when it comes to sex. It would be great if everyone had wonderful, supportive families who are completely understanding about carnal needs and desires, but we know that just isn't the case for everyone. Bringing a partner with you to a family celebration can be completely nerve-wracking for a number of reasons. Having the opportunity to blow off steam with some different steamy action would be ideal. That can be rather tricky if you're not even allowed to sleep in the same room!

Instead, you might need to get creative and find alternative rooms to have sex in when visiting for the holidays. Some of these have pretty high "gettin' caught" risk factors. Maybe if your mom catches you doin' it in the pantry, she'll let up on the restriction of sleeping in the same room!

Out of Doors Out of Bounds?

There is no denying that sex in public spaces is an incredible turn-on for a lot of folks. At the same time, having sex in public can also be done out of sheer necessity because of kids at home or just desire striking at a public moment. Whatever your reasons for taking your sex to the great outdoors, you have to be cognizant and understand the risks you're taking. The potential of being arrested is always there. It is significantly magnified if you're not heterosexual. The number of stories of straight folks getting away with it in public is shocked considering queer folks get busted for similar activities. These days, getting caught by someone with a phone might be more damaging than police intervention! Just imagine your busy bodies spread all over social media and the potential implications. Is it worth the risk?

Inequal PDA

Remember that bit about queer folks and public sex? Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that things are rosy and calm now that the LGBTQ+ community is gaining some ground in societal acceptance. Awful shit is still happening. It is one thing to be worried about taking risks in having sex in public. It is another to have to worry about just embracing in public. When Allyson MacIvor and her female friend tried to share a kiss at a Jack White concert in Edmonton, they were physically stopped by an usher at the facility. This kind of garbage continues to happen! A kiss in public! Of course, MacIvor the queer person, is doing all the emotional labour to make this situation better. Her actions and attitude are admirable and loving. Let's hope that usher sees this.

"Let's All Go to the Movies!"

Another hot spot for on-the-go sexytimes is a movie theatre. Seems perfect, right? A dark environment, people entranced by the movie, loudspeakers, and lots of popcorn. Undoing a zipper won't be noticed. Small creaks of seats moving won't be noticed. A gasp here, a moan there won't be noticed. Having some form of sex in a movie theatre is a rite of passage for many, particularly those who cannot partake in sexy shenanigans at home. It's been immortalized in song and movies for a long time. And now, with fancy new theatres popping up all over the place, sex at the movies actually seems to get easier. Just make sure you don't leave a mess, please!

Arrive and Come

As someone who drives and also rides a bike, I am kinda afraid of the self-driving car idea. As someone who does occasionally enjoy spur-of-the-moment sex adventures, I am also intrigued by the thought of self-driving cars. Car sex is nothing new, of course. It's another rite of passage for those who just need a place and those who seek adventure. Naturally, when cars are getting us where we need to go all on their own, we'll surely start reaching sexy destinations while waiting. Unfortunately, this has already worried that self-driving cars may be used as mobile brothels. I have to wonder how that even wandered into their heads. There are many, many more significant concerns and benefits around cars that pilot themselves beyond sex work.

Bothered by Bot Brothels?

Finally, the sex doll brothel debate rages on. They are opening in Europe, but North America seems reticent. How do you feel about sex doll brothels?

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