There is a substance on Earth that no single person can ever fully define. Now, you might think I'm talking about sex. Nope! Potpourri! And sex. This week's Sex Stories We Love is all about the potpourri we call sex.

No Simple Kissy-Face

What's your textual style? Frankly, I'm turned on when people use correct grammar and when they know how to spell. Other folks, it turns out, seek sexy times when people use emojis in text messages. Given the time we're living in, it makes sense that there have been studies done to examine the new ways we're interacting and how that can lead to mating and dating. And it turns out, those eggplants, honey pots, cobs of corn, and water droplets have taken on completely different meaning. And, they're apparently working! Do you use emojis in your texts? Do you think it helps?

Loud and Proud

This is truly a new interpretation of "finding one's voice." How we vocalize during sex has long been a contentious matter. We've heard about screamers, moaners, groaners, and gaspers. Sometimes, there's a level of shame and stigma attached to folks who make noise during sex. Particularly women. Instead of people being able to embrace their sexual voice, we've been hushed and shushed. Yet some folks gotta scream! Some folks gotta let it all out! And, as it turns out, it can bring us closer to our partner, both intimately and erotically.


Now, all that said, sometimes there are actual, legitimate reasons to have quiet sex. Maybe you're visiting your grandparents' home and you know the walls are paper thin. Maybe you're camping and well, your walls are literally paper thin. Maybe your roommate really has to study for an important exam and your knockin' on heaven's door is a little too distracting. It is a consent thing. There are some reasonable expectations and circumstances when we should try to save other people's ears from our lust. Whatever the reason, check out these positions and techniques that are sure to get you off while also helping you keep the peace!

Go Fetch...Please!

If you have pets, you can definitely relate to these stories about how the presence of pets can make sex awkward, annoying, or even downright injurious! From dogs who won't stop staring to cats getting a little overeager to find the "thing" under the blanket, there are definitely times when pets interrupting sexytime shenanigans can be hilarious or it can be a complete buzzkill. What's the remedy? Lock them out? Give them treats to distract them? My jerk of a dog will do anything to maintain his spot on the bed. So, sometimes, we negotiate. He goes down to the foot of the bed and I use him for leverage.

Striking the Right Chord

There is no denying that sex and sexuality remains, and will likely always be, a strong theme in all different genres of rock 'n' roll (and all types of music, for that matter). Some might jump to bands like glam rock gods Kiss and hair metal hellions like Motley Crue as some of the easy examples of excessive eroticism in rock. Yet different groups have provided their own takes on sex. Everything from death metal to emo to goth explore themes of sex and sexuality in their own unique ways. So, crank it up to 11!

Lazy but Fun

Finally, this one is about lazy sex. And I'm too tired to write anymore.

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