Don't we all need a break? A lot is going on this year. I know...that's a huge understatement. So, this week, kick back and enjoy some of the lighter side of sex in this week's Sex Stories We Love.

Look Out Below

Is it wrong to call this short film delightful and charming? I mean, sure, it is also pretty funny and gets some giggles, but two people sharing a sexual connection across a piece of glass, one in an office and one many stories above the ground is kinda cute. Clearly the executive has had eyes on this particular window washer for a while...or maybe she's just into the idea of enjoying an encounter with anyone who is just hanging around. The window washer, on the other hand, is seemingly unaware of the potential of the situation, but holds his rope just long enough to ensure she is also attracted to him in that moment. And then pure lust takes over...but it is coupled with some care.

Anticipation vs Actuality

What did you think sex would be like...before you had it? What did you think it would feel like, look like, smell like, sound like? Were you taken in by rom-coms and after school specials? Did your sex education prepare you for what was to come? I am always appreciative of people who share their first-time sex stories. There is a helluva lot that can surprise you, regardless of how much porn you've seen.. The thing that surprised me most the first time was just how easy it is for a condom to slip off after I finished. Got myself up, all nonchalant like, walked down to the bathroom, like a pro to de-sheath...only to discover it was gone. Missing. Vanished. Finally, made my way back to the bedroom, and my partner simply asked, "Looking for this?" Hold tight afterwards: that's a good thing to remember.

Reel Too Real

Oftentimes when size is discussed in relation to sex, width doesn't usually refer to bandwidth. If you, like many others during this ongoing global health crisis have stepped out of your comfort zone to engage in some video va-va-voom, you gotta make sure you've got enough internet stamina to make it happen. People have been using video to connect sexually for years, and it can be a great way to play while you're away. However, video sex can sometimes go wrong, and again, big props to the folks who have shared some of their stories for us to learn from. Because the internet is not just for sharing the sexy. It's for helping people learn from our unsexy.

Better Coverage Needed

Speaking of the pandemic, I sear, nine of ten sex-related articles these days have something to do with COVID-19. It is a never-ending stream of the same information, the same tips, and the same questions. I mean, the basics are important for some people to know, but this is truly an instance of every damn media outlet just rehashing the same shred of information. I'm not going to say I haven't shared some, too, because I hope you can all stay safe and happy. However, something I always see when I do my weekly crawl of sex news is The Sun's creative sex position: a new one each week. These usually elicit something of a chortle or snot from me mostly because of the illustrations. However, lately these "guides" have gotten silly on coronavirus. These are all just common sex position that have been pandemicized. C'mon media, all of ya, let's get deeper into important sex content!

Laugh and Learn

Humour and sex have long been tools to deliver important messages. Put the two together and you can likely transmit anything. This fun PSA about porn and sex education from New Zealand is an adorable little romp that neither demonizes porn or young people who seek it out. Several key point about consent, shame, and communication are delivered while naked porn performers stand on a suburban porch. For far too long these messages have been preached via scare tactics and imagery. Frightening people into subservience isn't going to get us anymore. More content like this, please!

Bold and the Blow-up

Finally, I watched The Bold and the Beautiful with my mom when I was a teenager. I haven't watched it since. If they actually start using sex dolls for sex scenes, I'll have to check it out at least once.

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