Welcome to #AnalAugust! This week's Sex Stories We Love gets in on the backdoor fun as the sex world discusses and shares tips and advice on all things anal sex. Get yer lube and slide in!

Anal Survey Says...

So, what's the deal with anal sex? If you go by porn, then everybody loves anal. Available asses are aplenty! Butt, butt, butt. But, is porn actually reflective of the general population? No, it rarely, if ever, is. However, the results of a joint Babeland and Good Vibrations survey suggests that anal play is fairly high on the sexual fuckit list for many folks out there. Check out the results and you'll see that many people have experienced different levels of anal play, and those who haven't...well, a good number are thinking of it. Of course, anal has been around, well, forever, but it was taboo for a very long time. Looks like times really have changed!

Just the Tips

Sometimes, when you're thinking about trying something new, hearing from someone who is passionate and experienced can help assuage your concerns and apprehension. Fortunately, #AnalAugust is a great time to learn about buttsex from internet mentors who offer solid and sensual advice. This collection of 25 tips to enjoy anal sex from Charyn Pheuffer is an excellent round-up of advice and options for your ass explorations. That enthusiasm, communication, and consent are addressed right off the top makes this list a winner!

The Messy Question

Let's not beat around just a little bit behind the bush: folks have two main concerns when it comes to butt stuff: pain and mess. There are numerous guides out there on how to work up to and potentially minimize the potential for pain during bum fun. To be frank: it might hurt, it might not. The same goes for whether or not your anal experience is a messy trip to Brown Town. To be frank again, if you play with someone's butt, you might come into contact with feces. You might, you might not. There are lots of factors that come into anal play that can increase and decrease the chance of fecal interruptus, as well as preventative measures that can be taken. Butt, ultimately, if you get into anal sex, you've gotta remember that sometimes, shit happens.

No Ins, Just Outs

Let's get back to the idea of anal sex and pain. Predominantly, anal sex is often associated with penetration. Whether that be via penis, sex toy, or fingers, most depictions of ass love revolve around something going in the backdoor. And these acts are what are most likely going to cause pain. Fortunately, the whole outside of the anus and bum is a delightful playground. Andthere are plenty of amazing anal sex activities that do not involve penetration. The whole back there region is wonderfully sensitive to sensation from tongues, lips, fingers, vibrators, lube, and more. Whether you're applying a feather-light touch or getting into some spanking or impact action, there are countless ways to add anal stimulation as a main course or side salad. There is no...end...to what you can try!

The Big A-O

One of the greatest gifts anal sexytime has to offer is the potential for new and exciting ways to experience mind-blowing orgasms. Vulva, vagina, and penis stimulation are great go-to ways of getting off, but your sexual backyard just might offer a while new playground of pleasure. Folks with a prostate will tell you that stimulating with a finger, toy, or penis via the anal cavity is an incredibly intense experience. Or, if you've got a vulva, penetration through the anus with any of the same can heighten and even quicken the potential for coming. Our bodies offer many different types of orgasms and sensations. And an anal orgasm could be a fantastic addition to your pleasure!

AAA- Rated?

Finally, maybe you want to have anal sex, maybe you don't. Maybe you just want to watch others take the back road home. If that's your scene, check out the anal offerings on these porn sites.

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