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It's Time to Vote for Your Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2018!

Published: OCTOBER 7, 2018 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 07:17:29
We're changing things up in the hope of making this year's list better than ever. But we need your help!

We ran our very first Sex Blogging Superheroes list way back in 2013. As a brand-new sex site, we were seeking inspiration, community and a way to share and promote some of the amazing content we were finding all around the web. And you know what? We feel like we’ve accomplished all of those things. We’ve combed through hundreds of sex blogs through the years and have connected with a whole slew of interesting and inspiring people as a result. And over that time, more than 2.5 million people have found new sex blogs through our Sex Bloggers list. We think that’s a pretty powerful thing, and not just for bloggers. After all, while there may be more good sex ed content online than ever, in many parts of the world (including in the U.S. and Canada), that’s the only place people can find it. In our minds, bloggers and other online sex educators provide a valuable public service; they’re delivering sex education to people who may not otherwise get it. Helping people connect to that is something we take pretty seriously.


But … while our readers at large tell us that they love the Sex Blogging Superheroes lists, not all the feedback we’ve received from the people on those lists has been positive. Over the years, we’ve made a number of changes in response to that feedback. We broke out additional categories so we could do a better job highlighting some of the different kinds of blogs on the list. We added a Readers’ Choice Award to ensure our readers’ very favorite blogs were counted. And we added more prizes. This year, we’d like to make another change we’ve been weighing for a while: we’re going to give an unscored list a try. We hope this serves the public’s interest by providing the best blogs around while also supporting the community behind those blogs, the members of which would rather not be pitted against their peers.

We hope this makes the 2018 list a little more friendly, a little less competitive but just as useful for readers. We’ll still have 100 Superheroes along with some key breakout categories. But rather than ranking blogs against each other from 1 to 100, we’ll just post them all in alphabetical order. Because if there’s one thing we can’t argue with it’s that all the blogs on the list are pretty awesome.

We’ll also still gather votes. While we do read and score each and every blog on the list, we don’t want to be the only arbiters. A big part of our scoring system has always been votes from readers. But keep in mind that you don’t need to launch a public relations campaign to get on this list. In fact, you only need five votes.

If you get at least five votes, we will read and score your blog. It’s as simple as that. So, if you want to join in, get a couple of fans or close friends to vouch for you. We hope you’ll do the same for the blogs you love. You can vote for as many as you’d like, but only once each. After all, it’s a big list – there’s room for many, and we want to include the blogs with the best content we can find.

Finally, we have to be honest: our office was split about whether to remove the ranking from the list. While we definitely see the negative aspects of competition within the community, we’ve also received feedback from many readers that they love the list just as it is. So, in some ways, it was a tough call. If the unranked list is something you support, please let us know, share it out and support us by voting for the blogs that resonate with you. If this year’s list is a big success – both with bloggers and our readers at large – we’ll know we’ve made the right choice.


How to Vote for Your Favorite Bloggers

We want to highlight the best sex blogs out there and celebrate the ones that have made an impact on you. Have a few blogs you respect and visit regularly? Here’s how to vote for them:

  • Find your favorite blogger in our Sex Blogger Directory. (If you'd like to submit your own blog, you can do so here.)

  • Starting October 8th, you can visit your favorite bloggers' profiles and click the Vote For My Blog button on their page. Voting for the same blogger more than once won't count, but you can definitely put in a vote for all your favorites.

  • We'll read through every blog with at least five votes and choose our top 100 favorites based on the criteria below. (Yes, we do read every blog that meets the minimum criteria. And, yes, that job is as awesome as it sounds.)

  • Only blogs that receive at least five votes by October 13th, 2018, will be counted but we will continue to gather votes until October 30th.

How are the blogs evaluated?

Good question. In past years, we’ve received a lot of questions about how we judge the blogs in our contest. So, we’ve firmed up our formula a bit. If you’re curious about why a particular blog didn’t make the list, it's probably because they fell short on one of the key areas listed below.


Once we've pulled together a list of all the blogs that have received at least five votes by October 13th, we hunker down and start reading and scoring our list of blogs. Here's what we're looking for:

  • Writing Quality – We’re looking for bloggers with substance and something to say. We’re also looking for bloggers who can say it in a way that’s interesting and engaging. "Good" writing is hard to define, but we know it when we see it. And we don't just mean "good" in a literary way. Some bloggers have beautiful words, some are great a being informative. We consider whether a blogger does what they do well.

  • Frequency of Posts – We know you're busy, but we want to give top marks to blogs that are regularly active . Blogs that have posted at least 12 times in the past year will get the highest scores in this category.

  • Sex Positive – We're looking for sites that exude openness and acceptance, and embrace consent, safety and sexual diversity. If your site is mean, sexist, body-negative, etc. we’ll remove it from our list.

  • Design – How does your blog look overall? Does it have a fresh, appealing design? Is it easy to navigate? Each blog will be judged for its look, feel and navigability.

  • Social Media – Does the site have active social media accounts? This score isn't based on how many followers a blog has, but whether it maintains a social presence. Top scores will go to blogs with at least two active social profiles.

  • Overall Impressions – This is a combined score based on our staff’s overall impressions of the blog.

  • Votes – Blogs need at least five votes to be considered for our top 100, but more votes work to boost a blog's total score and help them make the list. Why votes? Because we don’t want to be the only ones deciding who wins. We want feedback from bloggers, their fans and readers as well!

  • OK, I voted. Now what?

    On November 5th, we'll announce the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2018. As in previous years, we'll also break out several categories and crown a winner in each one. We can’t wait!

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