Is Monogamy Ridiculous?

Published: OCTOBER 17, 2013 | Updated: OCTOBER 17, 2013
Dan Savage is the big name behind long-time syndicated sex column Savage Love, the It Gets Better campaign for LGBT youth and, most recently a book called "American Savage: Insight, Slights and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love and Politics." In it, this outspoken columnist digs into everything from gun control and sex education, to gay marriage and why it's OK to cheat sometimes.

In this video, Savage argues against the idea that monogamy is necessary - or even natural - in a committed relationship. He also implies that it's mostly men who are doing the cheating.

Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments. Is monogamy ridiculous? Unnatural? Impossible? Or is it a necessary part of a healthy, long-term relationship as we've been led to believe? And, are women really better at it than men?

(If you're a Dan Savage fan, maybe you can catch him at his next stop: LitFest in Edmonton Alberta.)

Kinkly Staff

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