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INFOGRAPHIC: Weird, Wonderful Facts and Statistics About Condoms

Published: JULY 25, 2013 | Updated: JULY 1, 2020
You probably know that condoms are often a good idea, but a lot of people don't know much else.

If you're well-schooled in sexual health, you probably know that you should wear a condom to protect yourself against pregnancy and STDs. You probably also know how to put one on and take it off (doing it right is the best way to ensure it works!). But did you know that U.S. soldiers used condoms to protect their weapons from dirt and water in World War II? Or that that there's a quaint little town in France called condom? And just try to guess how big the world's biggest condom was.


These are only a few of the fascinating facts and statistics about condoms in this infographic from Check it out!

Condom Facts and Statistics Infographic


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