Laws and legalities around sex are always changing. Sometimes they evolve with the new reality of our times. Sometimes they devolve back to something we thought we moved forward from. Let's look at some recent legal situations involving sex in this week's Sex Stories We Love.

Improving Rights for Sex Workers

New Zealand has been lauded for legalizing sex work, but one provision in that legislation may have an unintended negative consequence. Government and sex worker groups are currently looking at migrant sex workers who are currently banned from legally participating in sex work. At this time, only citizens of New Zealand can legally work in the sex trade. It was thought, at the time, that not including migrants would reduce the risk of human trafficking. Unfortunately, it instead created an underground network of migrant sex workers who are now vulnerable. Hopefully, this coalition of government and sex workers can reach out and find meaningful information to help and, ultimately, amend the laws to allow safer working conditions for all.

Sex Dolls Brothel Shuttered

Another type of sex worker was recently in the spotlight - the non-human type. The growing popularity of very realistic sex dolls has people both excited and frightened. When word got out that a sex doll brothel would soon open in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Toronto's north end, that fear became palpable panic. The local city counselor threatened to find every legal recourse to shut the place down. The people of the neighborhood were shocked and dismayed. All because some men would come and use a sex toy in a venue instead of using it at home. Ultimately, it seems poor planning probably did this potentially popular business in. The landlord found sufficient cause to terminate Aura Doll's lease.

Public Sex Gets an OK

Here's some good news if you enjoy gettin' sexy in public. If you get fun and frisky in Guadalajara, Mexico, you're now less likely to be extorted by the police. If fact, police have been instructed to turn the other cheek if they see your bare cheeks in a sexual situation in public. People have fought for less strict public sex laws all around the world for various reasons. Yet, an effort to refocus cops on more important crime and reduce corruption? That's definitely a different take on things! Now, don't go planning your exhibitionist holiday in Mexico. You can still be arrested for public play if another person makes a complaint. So, try to keep it discreet!

Drunk Defense Is Back

Does anyone else ever feel that law can become so dense that it sometimes trips all over itself? Can't there just be some universal truths that, maybe, don't always satisfy all of the legal requirements but that do fulfill the main goal? There has been a long and arduous fight over the rights of both the accused and the victim in cases involving sexual assault and extreme intoxication. Canada has struggled with this for years. For the past couple of decades, it has resolved to protect victims. Now, the pendulum is swinging back to protect the accused. What does this say? Get fucked up and do what you want because there won't be any consequences. This is incredibly backward thinking that protects our rights to imbibe more than it protects the safety of potential victims. And that's not even the worst of it ...

Don't Be a Drunk Woman

In a story out of Yellowknife, police put a victim of an alleged sexual assault in a cell overnight. They didn't take her to a hospital for examination. They didn't find a shelter she could go to, either, despite her own and a witness statement regarding sexual assault. Instead, she was arrested for public drunkenness, taken to the police station, and held overnight. The Yellowknife RCMP plans to review the conduct in this situation because they don't even know their own policies for this sort of situation. Yikes!

Catholic Abuse Runs Deep

Finally, what is there to say about the unearthing of sexual misconduct by the clergy of the Catholic church? There are probably 3.8 billion things that could be said ... corruption runs deep when it comes to sex.

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