Well, there's only one topic on our collective minds right now: COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus). And the situation has grown exponentially more worrisome. We're seeing the spread affect many different parts of our lives. And that, inevitably affects sex. So, while we self-isolate to flatten the curve, take a read of how this week's Sex Stories We Love is affecting different parts of the sex industry.

Struggle for Sex Workers

Whether you're a star barista, grocery store clerk trying to deal with hoarding shoppers, or a medical professional, let's just start off by thanking all public-facing, front-line workers who are continuing to keep us fed and cared for. And this includes sex workers. This pandemic is having a devastating effect on in-person sex workers. Of course, the physical threat is real. While folks are being told to isolate and maintain social distancing, sex workers who make social closeness their work are bound to suffer significant economic losses. And if governments do offer compensation and help for workers who have suffered, then sex workers surely won't see any of that. So, while you're checking on your neighbours and friends, make sure you keep some space for your sex worker friends and offer help to those who need it.

Letting Your Fingers Do the Talking

So, you're quarantined or self-isolating. You've run out of jigsaw puzzles. You're waiting on a new shipment of books. Netflix just doesn't refresh its content fast enough. So, what are you going to do with yourself? Well, the obvious answer is masturbate. But, let's think of the many different ways you can partake in the most simple of pleasures. Do you remember the phrase "Reach out and touch someone?" Could it be that the virus might be the reason for the return of phone sex? While it might be a bit passe these days considering all of the other technologies we have, maybe it's time to dial things back and try something a little old school.

Cam Connection

Speaking of communication technology, sex workers who offer cam shows and contact are seeing positive effects of people having to forgo more personal and public contact. Whether offering live shows or videos, sex content creators are seeing a boom in business. It is good to hear some folks are getting by and even flourishing during this tough time. And it is good to hear that folks are still connecting. Some people might think of cam shows and porn as just a sexual thing, but cam connections are a way for people to interact. Isolation is going to be very hard on some folks who are used to being around people. Having a cam performer on the other side of our devices might be just what is needed.

Sex Toy Surge

I'm glad you took my suggestion and have read this far. But let's go back to masturbation and sexytime fun. I do presume you're reading this one-handed. Maybe you're enjoying some time with your favourite sex toy. If so, you're not alone. In fact, since the outbreak, folks around the world have been snapping up new sex products for their tickle trunks as if they're toilet paper. Sex toy sales are surging with a number of countries reporting sales that are far ahead of yearly expectations. Can't say I don't feel a bit proud that my fellow Canadians are leading the way! Have sex toys...will deal!

Wrapping Up Production

And, of course, we can count on porn to get in on the action. When coronavirus first touched our lips and collective consciousness, the first coronavirus porn videos hit the internet. At the time of this article, there were 112 videos on Pornhub. Now there are nearly 600! Of course, given the nature of the industry, maybe porn is best equipped to continue production in the face of medical adversity. However, even though porn performers deal with and manage close contact all the time, this situation calls for more significant action. The Free Speech Coalition is monitoring the situation and have issued a statement calling for a voluntary shutdown of all productions until the end of March.

Step Up, Pornhub?

Finally, in a show of generosity (or spotting an opportunity), Pornhub offered fee, limited-time memberships to quarantined people in Italy. Do you think they'll offer the same to other countries now that the spread has worsened?

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