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How a Wellness Coach Can Help You Learn to Use Your Sex Toys Better

Published: OCTOBER 14, 2020 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 09:23:59
Presented by LORA DICARLO
Regardless of where you are on your sexual journey, your wellness coach is ready and willing to meet you at your own pace.

We hire coaching professionals to teach us proper yoga form, better mental health management and muscle building at the gym without batting an eyelash.


But are you ready for a one-on-one lesson in peak self-pleasure techniques?

In today's trend of holistic self-improvement, sex and relationship coaches aren't so taboo anymore. We're all (mostly) able to admit that it's often the most intimate, sensitive parts of our lives that can benefit the most from a third-party perspective.

Luxury sex toy brand Lora DiCarlo is taking wellness coaching to the next level. The sex-tech manufacturer is bringing their legendary expertise to help customize your motor-powered masturbation with wellness coaching.

These free one-on-one or group sessions with a Lora DiCarlo wellness coach are designed to give advice on sexual wellness, increasing pleasure and how to use your new toy! That's right, your new toy comes with a personalized coaching session and product tutorial!

Why Do We Need Sex or Wellness Coaching?

“One of the foundations of an equitable society is inclusive and comprehensive education, and sex education is an important component of that,” proclaims a wellness coaching representative at Lora DiCarlo.

“Through the Lora DiCarlo sexual wellness coaching, we aim to empower people to live fully and joyfully in their bodies by providing a compassionate body-based approach to sexual health and wellness.”

Just in case you haven't heard of Lora DiCarlo, the scoop is that – in short - they're the ultra techy sex toy brand already living in 3020. They are responsible for the now world-famous Osé, a dual internal vibrator and oral sex simulator (and now it's new and improved brethren, the Osé 2.

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2


The Osé is, according to the company's website, a robotic massager for blended orgasms – and dang, we know they must really be blowing minds with those blended, big O's because this pleasure device brand had their 2019 CES Innovation Award bestowed, then revoked, and then bestowed once again.

“At Lora DiCarlo, we don’t just make sex toys. We started a movement,” the company proudly boasts (and as they should, too).

“Our award-winning products were designed to support people in owning their pleasure, and in February we started offering product coaching sessions to help our customers get the most pleasure possible out of their experience with our products,” says the brand's wellness coaching rep.

Even better, the wellness sessions are free! So, you'll welcome to book a personalized session to teach you all about your new toy and how it awesomely interacts with your unique body.

A Wellness Coach Can Help You Master Your New Sex Toy and Your Sex Life

So what, exactly, does a wellness coaching session entail? For starters, they'll teach you how to get the most out of your new pleasure-tech toy. These aren't any old vibrators, after all. You're going to want to get every second's worth of delight out of Lora DiCarlo's proprietary designs.

“One of my favorite moments with product coaching is recognizing and acknowledging the new, unexpected self-discoveries Lora DiCarlo toys have unraveled in the client,” explains a coaching rep.

“Bringing fun and excitement into the bedroom doesn't require adding a new person into the room,” she says. “Lora DiCarlo biomimicry toys are fun, safe, and judgment-free. You can be gentle and quiet or wild and courageous. Or maybe a combination of it all.”

If the idea of talking to a wellness coach to teach you, a devoted Kinkly reader, how to use a sex toy sounds a bit peculiar, just hear me out for a minute. Even if you're already a sexually informed, open-minded purveyor of vibrating accessories, these coaching sessions are for you, too.

I've been selling, marketing and writing about sex toys (and, of course, using them) in some fashion since college. I, too, found this concept a little confusing, even unnecessary, at first. But the coaching team at Lora DiCarlo does a dang good job of explaining why even the most experienced of self-lovers can benefit from their expert instruction:

"Coaching helps you identify what’s getting in the way of your best sex life, to liberate you from what’s holding you back, to empower you with the skills, strategies and perspectives you need to experience more pleasurable, satisfying, joyful sex, with yourself or partners.”


Even if you're already pretty satisfied with your solo or coupled love life, an outside perspective could make it even better. Even the most sexually free folks can still suffer from past traumas or shame that create tension, numbness or pain in the body. A wellness coach can help release those blocks, leaving you open to explore acts and sensations that your brain couldn't previously process.

“If you ever wondered if there could be more; more sensation, more connection, more adventure,” the Lora DiCarlo coaches ask you to ponder it.

"Wellness coaching allows you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need, to have the sex life you need and deserve.”

If you're stoked on your first session, you can try signing up for group sessions! According to Lora DiCarlo, group sessions have been really popular to discuss different products and product features.

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Wellness Coaches Can Help You Discover What Your Sex Life Really Needs

Of course, there's a lot more to wellness coaching than simply learning where the on-button is located on your new accessory. People at Lora DiCarlo know:

“Folks want to know how their body works. They want a user guide to their own sexual pleasure; not just information about how our products work.”

According to the wellness coaching description, each coaching session can vary depending on your goals, experience and knowledge levels. Your coach's goal is for you to feel safe, empowered and supported.


Regardless of where you are on your sexual journey, your coach is ready and willing to meet you at your own pace. But it's OK if you're not quite ready to nab your free coaching session just yet.

“Wellness coaching is best for those who are ready. It requires the desire for more and better - more & better self-love, connection, passion, intimacy, presence, eroticism, fantasies, expression, health and wellness, aliveness.”

“If you’re not ready to actively practice awakening, deepening and nourishing your sexual self, you will simply be gaining knowledge as a spectator,” the Lora DiCarlo rep continues, “And if you’re ready, we’re ready to welcome you to a sex-positive space where you will feel empowered, safe and supported.”

Your sexuality and however you decide to use it (or not!) is like a superpower unto itself. If you've stumbled onto Lora DiCarlo's mission to create a more sexually satisfied population, you're probably ready to take the next step and discover what a wellness coach can unleash within – even if its just to test drive your new toy.

“Knowing yourself and your own body makes you happy and whole. It also makes for better community and a healthier planet,” says the Lora DiCarlo team. “Together we are changing the world!”



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