The sex community is full of heroes and inspiration. From folks who are on the front lines teaching, entertaining, writing, and honouring sex to folks who shy away from the spotlight, we're in a much better place as a sexual community because of the work they do. This week's Sex Stories We Love puts a spotlight on some great folks and thanks them for the contributions they are making.

Thanks for the A-bop-bop-a-loom-op-alop-bop-boom!

Music and sex have long been mutually inspirational. There's just something so naturally sensual about the rhythms, the beats, the lyrics, and how these all connect to our bodies and desires. As such, it is only natural that those who create and perform music are intrinsically connected to our sexual culture. Sadly, this past week we lost Little Richard, one of the most influential musicians who bridged sex and music into the delicious mix that is rock and roll. How many of us grew up hearing the wail and cry of Tutti Frutti, only to eventually realize that it was originally all about the glories of gay sex? Someone who celebrated sex, but did sometimes have personal troubles with it, Little Richard demonstrated that sex was a huge part of our lives. Flamboyant and fascinating, Little Richard was a man and performer who was far ahead of his time. RIP.

Masturbation Martyr

Is everybody having a good time celebrating Masturbation Month? If you've been having lots of fun with yourself, make sure you give a nod and a little thanks to the work that Betty Dodson has done to help everyone get on this stage. Often referred to as the Godmother of Masturbation, Dodson has been teaching women to look at, appreciate, and enjoy their bodies for decades. And the current pandemic situation isn't going to slow her down. With her colleague Carlin Ross, the two have moved their popular Bodysex course online to ensure folks still have the opportunity to grow, learn, and enjoy the pleasure of masturbation.

Shutting Down Women of SexTech?

Many thanks to the organizers of the recent Women of SexTech Conference, not only for organizing amazing speakers and topics, but also for persevering against blatant sex negativity and doses of sexism. Just as the conference was about to begin streaming on YouTube,the streaming giant shut down their feed because of some violation of community standards bullshit. Of course, that translates to "women shouldn't talk about sex." Fortunately, the crew found a different service, and the folks were treated to great discussions. YouTube blamed the situation on an automated system in place because of lack of staff due to COVID-19. Uh-huh...

Fantasy Is Real

Is there a difference between sexual inspiration and sexual fantasy? Are there people who can turn you on while at the same time offering you something more because they are something more? Even if you don't know them as anything more than a figure on a screen? Yael Wolfe explores fantasy and inspiration from the perspective of someone on our screens. Fantasy and inspiration can be entirely separate from each other, or they can be entwined. On factor that usually binds the two ideas is coming to an understanding that your fantasy person is, in fact, a real and complex person. Someone who you're not going to like all of the time, who will probably let you down sometimes. Fantasy is great, but, as Yael notes, "Real life and real people are infinitely more interesting."

Loving the Laughs

Did you hear the really funny joke about the hooker? The stripper? The whore? You probably have, we all have. Sex workers have long been the butt of jokes of comedians because they are an easy target. Super funny folks can usually get a cheap laugh by picking on the most vulnerable. But these days, sex workers are taking their humour back and becoming some of the funniest folks on the comedy circuit. By moving behind the mic, sex workers are becoming storytellers, all the while reducing shame and stigma in the process. Instead of being a punchline, they're reclaiming their voices and having the last laugh.

Helping Is Sexy

Finally,many thanks to the fine folks at CMG Leisure for helping our frontline healthcare workers. The Doxy wand manufacturers are making "ear-savers" to ease the pressure of wearing masks and this helps so much.

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