Happy Belated National Sex Toy Day! Here Are 6 Sweet Toys to Help You Celebrate

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We never miss a party when it involves orgasms.

Did you know that Sunday was National Sex Toy Day? We're a little late to the party - but we hate to miss a sex-related holiday! If you haven't already, consider carving out some quality time to play with yourself or a partner. Sure, hands-only masturbation most definitely has its time and place. But in 2018, these best-selling sex toys were welcomed into bedrooms far and wide, bringing a bounty of pleasure one OH MY GAWD orgasm at a time. Whether you’re a sex-toy virgin (no shame in that) or have a nightstand full of handcuffs and erotica, here are 6 goodies to get you hot and bothered. Go ahead, try something new. You deserve all the delicious pleasure and orgasms. Here are 10 hot products to celebrate this most sacred of sex holidays.

OhMiBod blueMotion NEX 1

It’s super-hot to tuck a wearable massager into your panties and have a partner operate it from anywhere in the world via an app or Wi-Fi. OhMiBod’s 2nd generation TKTK is smaller, sleeker and touts a more powerful motor, making every below-the-belt buzz more powerful. Tap between different rhythms, give feedback via the chat feature and log orgasms on the “Oh-Dometer.” For long distance relationships, it’s a game changer.

Le Wand Petite Massager

As a longtime Magic Wand devotee, I wasn’t sure if another wand vibrator could live up to such magic. With a smaller head and handle, Le Wand most certainly does. Le Wand Petite is an even more compact version that is purse-sized and perfect for travel. Plus, its rose gold color makes it a stylish must-have for any nightstand.

LELO TIANI Amber Rose Gold

Who doesn’t love a fab feminist celeb sex toy collaboration? I love Amber Rose’s unapologetic advocacy for female pleasure, so when she teamed up with LELO to curate a sex toy collection, my orgasm-loving heart swooned. The TIANI is a sleek couples massager that can be worn during intercourse. Part of it slips into the vagina, allowing space for a penis to penetrate, while the other part rests against the clitoral area. Hello, pleasure!

Pulse Warming Lube Dispenser

When it comes to lube, my mindset is the wetter, the better. Despite all the stigma surrounding it, you really can’t go wrong with a slicker situation. If you want to step up your lube game, the Pulse warming dispense delivers deliciously warm lube via a Keurig-like pod system. The best part? Unlike chemically warm lube products on the market, which can be very irritating to sensitive bits, the Pulse is a warm, cozy snuggie where you want it most.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Sometimes a vulva-haver needs to get off – pronto. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration uses air suction technology and vibration to tease orgasms in roughly 1 to 3 minutes. If lightning-fast orgasms aren't your immediate endgame, it's a great toy for getting warmed up for other sexual adventures.

Womanizer InsideOut

If there’s been one toy that’s rocked my world in recent years, it’s been the Womanizer. If a sex toy could deliver sweet, suction-y angel kisses to your clit, this is it. The InsideOut takes that ethereal orgasmic magic to the next level with its flexible, vibrating shaft. I love that it’s waterproof, but more than anything, it doubles down on clit stim pleasure and delivers mind-blowing orgasms.

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