Sometimes we just have to take our masks off (at home) and have a big, ol' belly laugh when it comes to sex. It is a wild world out there and this week's Sex Stories We Love is dedicated to some of the sillier stories you're going to come across this week.


How we move into the post-COVID-19 world is the great uncertainty of our current times. Staying in our own small bubbles is trying and so many of us just want to get out and enjoy the things we miss. Parties with physical parties. One activity many people miss desperately is watching live sports in a stadium or arena or even the local park. Well, in some places, professional sports are starting up again, but the games are going on without fans in the seats. To make their stadium seem a little less barren, one South Korean soccer club populated their stands with alleged sex dolls. Okay, they may have actually been mannequins, but there were definitely shenanigans going on.

Unusual Inspiration for Erotica

It is not very often that a 79-year old infectious disease specialist leads the write-in vote as the sexiest man alive. Okay, this has surely never happened before. Yet as folks in North America remain riveted to press conferences tracking the coronavirus infection rate, many have found solace and sexiness in Dr. Anthony Fauci. While usually playing the straight man to a clown, Fauci has garnered quite a following. This isn't the first time. In fact, the good Dr. Fauci was actually the inspiration for an erotic hero in a 1991 novel!

Spanking the Housing Market

How many times have you thought about your favourite sexy play place or dungeon that you can't visit right now? I'm sure lots of hands are being raised right now. Surely some among us have some pretty sexy set-ups at home, but not everyone has the money or space to set up their St. Andrew's Cross and pole, amirite? Well, if you're in the market for just such a space and you're living in Arkansas, check out this listing for a family home complete with BDSM dungeon. Personally, I applaud them for being so open and keep to help keep the cause of healthy sexuality. Here's hoping they get top dollar and the new owners are delighted.

Exhibitionism Gone Too Far?

Okay, some folks get really excited about going to IKEA. Just think about those tasty little meatballs! But does the Swedish DIY furniture superstore get you that way? In a very risque move, a woman decided that IKEA was just the place to film a little exhibitionism porn by masturbating in various spots around the store, all while other shoppers roamed around looking for the perfect Poäng, Kallax, or Ektorp. How we express our sexuality and how we prepare sexual content for consumption by others is highly debatable when it comes to situations like this. Do you think it is surreptitiously shoot porn in public?

Investigative Journalism

Speaking of shooting porn in unusual someone who writes about sex, I love this story about an urban legend porn shoot that has very little resolution. The way Manuel Madrid just dives headlong to discover whether this porn shoot in a sub shop ever actually happened years ago inspires me and makes me laugh. The players are all here in this story of mystery: The intrepid journalist trying not to get busted watching porn at work! Health code violations! The fruit seller who probably knows more than he says! The tight-lipped porn star! Corporate coverup! Security in a golf cart! The meticulous detail Madrid shares had me giggling all the way and also made me think about Swallow My Cockuccino from Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Autofellation Achievement?

Finally, if you have a penis, you've probably tried to suck your own cock. However, this is no easy feat! Who knew a pandemic might inspire people to master such a challenging sexual accomplishment.

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