Sex blogs rock my whole damn world. I happened on a few great posts and knew this week's Sex Stories We Love had to focus on the fine folks who bring us the best blogs. Make sure you're clicking and supporting your favourite sex blogs, because they're certainly putting out for everyone of us (put maybe, definitely intended)!

From Awful to Awesome

Well, this could be awkward. How the hell are you supposed to deal with someone who sucks in bed, but not in the good way? Of course, you do need to look at the situation realistically. Is it just that the two of you aren't compatible? If you can rule that out and feel that the issues lie if your partner's techniques or inabilities, then take heed of this great advice to improve a partner's poor sexual skills offered up by Somewhat A Lady over onSlutty Girl Problems. Fortunately if you're really into exploring some kind of relationship with this person, there are things you can do together to make your sex better...and much of it has to do with open and honest communication. But that's not all! These great tips can improve everyone's sexual relationships.

Sexy Cinema Enigma

On, Cinema L'Amour. If you've ever been Montreal, you've probably heard of this time capsule of sex. Felicity of Lipstick Slut recently ventured to La Belle Provence and had an all-too-similar experience in this hallowed, sticky, porn theatre. I don't know if there are many x-rated movie theatres still in existence, but Cinema L'Amour is a conundrum. As Felicity found out, it is both incredibly sexy if you like porn, exhibitionism / voyeurism and sexual adventure and frightening because other patrons can be inappropriate and threatening to the point of making people, particularly women, feel unsafe. The theatre offers itself as welcoming to all people. Unfortunately, in the stories I've heard, the latter outweighs the former and I wish that could be changed. I'd love to see Cinema L'Amour reborn with dungeon monitors who ensure people can watch, play, masturbate, and fuck under the big, sexy screen, all-the-while knowing they are also safe.

Let's Get Real...istic

How do you feel about realistic dildos? A stalwart of the sex toy industry, these toys have been around forever! That is both good and bad. Sure, they are a classic, but they sometimes feel like dated relics from a bygone, less sexually sophisticated era. Some people love them, some people hate them...some people just use them without thinking too much about them as long as they feel good! But could realistic dildos be improved? Red Hot Suz offers some great ideas on how to take those ubiquitous sex toys to another level by improving their materials, shape, colour, density, and squirting potential.

Pleasure Through Denial

Okay, we might have missed it this year, but I'm still sharing these great posts by Cara Sutra because I don't want you to miss out next year! Get ready, mark your calendars, because February 15 is International Male Chastity Day! The concept of chosen sexual chastity may be tricky for some, but for others, chastity and orgasm denial are incredible fetishes, particularly when combined with BDSM. Cara offers up excellent history and tips to help you explore and enjoy this fine sexual art. She also offers a complementary piece on female chastity. Everyone can get in on this action, er...inaction?

Straight-up Sex Talk

I absolutely love how the folks behind The Monogamish Marriage discuss their first double penetration scene in this post. There is no better way to get everyone's true interpretation of a complex situation than by transcribing their conversation (okay, this is the old radio host in me). Don't get me wrong, I love creative writing and style, but there is no mistaking the events of this double penetration because we get a straight-up, frank discussion. And, honestly, some of their revelations did surprise me a bit. Sure, it isn't hard to guess that the body tetris is a challenge, but there are some great tips in here if you're keep to try a DP yourself.

Finding Fetish

Finally, what was your first fetish? Care to share? Bambi Biohzard tells us how she got into dollification and how that led to other sexual interests. Fascinating!

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