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Frisky Friday: Satisfyer Double Joy

Published: MAY 10, 2024 | Updated: MAY 10, 2024
Our toy of the week, the Satisfyer Double Joy, is a U-shaped vibrator designed to be worn during intercourse.

How many sex toys do you own that are designed for simultaneous pleasure for both your and your? If you're a heterosexual couple, that's exactly what the Satisfyer Double Joy was designed for. (And if you're not a heterosexual couple, don't worry. The Kinkly Shop is filled with couples' vibrators and other toys to choose from.)


Our toy of the week, the Satisfyer Double Joy, is a U-shaped vibrator designed to be worn during intercourse. One end of the vibrator is slipped into the vagina while the other end rests outside of the body for dual stimulation of the wearer.

The inserted end of the Double Joy is slim enough so a penis (or dildo) can slide in alongside it so that both partners can enjoy hands-free vibrations during sex — and some added pleasure with no extra effort.

But that isn't even the best part about the Satisfyer Double Joy. This little gadget features a free app.


The Satisfyer Connect App makes playtime even better.

Who said Bluetooth sex toys had to be expensive? The Satisfyer Connect App let's you experience all of the hands-free magic for free. Just sign up and pair. It's that simple.

And the Satisfyer Double Joy isn't the only toy this app works for. All of Satisfyer's Connect App toys are compatible with the Satisfyer Connect App.

Here's how the Connect App can make playtime even better:


  • Long-distance control by another person
  • Real-time control of the vibrations with a drag of a finger
  • Pleasure synchronized to your favorite music
  • Pleasure that syncs to ambient noise around you
  • Customizable patterns

Satisfyer's toys aren't just pleasurable but also a pleasure to use (see what we did there?). Packed full of fun features, these sex toys are just as easy to use and care for as they are to orgasm with.

We love how many features Satisfyer incorporates into its toys. Here are just a few examples:

  • Waterproof designs
  • Multiple pleasure intensities
  • Magnetically rechargeable
  • Access to a free mobile device app for long-distance control and more!
  • Editable vibration patterns
  • 15-year warranty

This Satifsyer Double Joy review is honest and exactly what we wanted to hear.

Curious about the Satisfyer Double Joy or the app? We were, too! That's why I jumped at the chance to review it.


Here's an excerpt from my review:

As one of the lowest-priced options in the world of couple's vibrators, the Satisfyer Double Joy manages to stand out as a great entry-level type of couple's vibrator. While the vibrations and customization options aren't nearly as wide as much-more-expensive alternatives in the couple's vibrator category, the Satisfyer Double Joy still holds its own with an easy-to-use design, silky-smooth silicone, and a free, compatible cell phone app that opens up brand new ways to play with the vibrator to really squeeze all of your money's worth out of it.

If you're looking for a lower-priced way to experiment with vibrators during intercourse - or like the idea of experimenting with cell phone-controlled vibrators — the Satisfyer Double Joy fills that need.


It won't give you the power of its higher-priced brethren, but it'll give you the couple's vibrator experience to let you determine if the sensation is for you — and you might find that the rubbing and vibrations are just enough to add even more pleasure during sex for you.

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