There has never been a time in history when we can all be so easily connected. Different forms of media can offer so much, particularly when it comes to sex. This week's Sex Stories We Love checks on how sex is being offered by different media forms.

All Fired Up

Ya try to do a good thing... So, Kaylen Ward, aka The Nude Philanthropist, decided to do a good thing and offered to send nude photos to anyone who donated more than $10 to Australian fire relief. Such a great idea! Many others thought the same thing. Kaylen has been overwhelmed with the tune of raising over $700,000 so far. Most of this amazing work has been done via Twitter, but Kaylen also had an Instagram account. And, of course, the Facebook / Instagram party poopers shut down her account claiming she violated their guidelines. As someone who also had his IG account shutdown (and I've heard of others), it seems they are ramping up their attack on people involved with sex. Such a shame. Instead of embracing someone who is making a significant difference in a time of need (Kaylen's family suffered through California bushfires), these platforms shut down an importance voice. BOO!

Too Casual With Language?

I finally caught up on the incredible buzz that surrounded the show Fleabag and loved every second of it. Its portrayal of sex, grief, and family was utterly amazing. I am so disappointed there won't be more episodes. As such, I was interested in "Hot Priest" Andrew Scott's hot take on dispelling the stigma of casual sex by no longer using the term. I was further intrigued by Rebecca Reid's rebuttal suggesting that changing the terminology used is less important than changing our current sexual culture. Personally, I think there is a common, middle ground. Casual sex has long been a misnomer and could use an update. However, it is a passive gesture and a more radical, consistent approach to educate people to a new way of thinking. Win-win?

Freedom of Speech Challenges

Freedom of speech is a very tricky concept to manage when it comes to artistic expression. Curiously, Canada (a pretty open country when it comes to many social issues) might be opening itself up for a challenging situation if an author charged with child porn is convicted later this year. Yvan Godbout wrote a retelling of the Hansel and Gretel story, adding some much darker elements to ta tale that had been significantly sanitized in the 20th century. Included is a passage about a father sexually assaulting his daughter. This one paragraph caused someone to notify authorities and Godbout and his publisher were charged under broad child porn laws. Does this subject matter, told in the context of a greater narrative, warrant the label of child porn? The courts will decide.

Experience Through the Lens

Photography is one of the most powerful media to capture the essence of sex and sexual people. That flash, that moment, that setting. A photographer invested in their work can evoke in their audience every feeling and emotion under the sun. And that audience can learn so much from a single captured imagine. Charlotte Schmitz's first book of photos, La Puenta combines Polaroid photos with journaling to share the stories of Ecuador's largest brothel. Rather than rely on a typical narrative of sex work, Schmitz instead allows the women to share and participate in the creation of art. Yet she also maintains the workers' anonymity by offering them the opportunity to pain nail polish on their images. A powerful book offering a significantly different and colourful narrative.

Making Quite a Scene

Who can forget these memorable sex scenes caught on film in the 2010s? Movies and television, as genres, made significant, positive forward movement during the decade, challenging some long-held tropes and mirroring the sex climate that was happening at the time. This demonstrates just how significant media is in helping us learn about and understand what is happening around us, particularly the experiences of marginalized folks. For that reason, I have to pick Moonlight and its indelibly important portrayal of queer identity and men of colour as the most significant portrayal of sexuality of the decade. What was yours?

But...Does It Rhyme?

Finally, the world used to revolve around poetry! If you'd like to revisit the world of sexy verse, check out these samplings from erotic poetry through the ages!

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