There are many different ways we can improve our sex lives and our feelings toward it. Technology, people, furniture, and shifts in societal know, the basics! This week's Sex Stories We Love explores a plethora of different sexual aids.

What Is the Root?

Here's a headline that reeks of scandal, but in terms of sex, isn't that complex at all. Sure, there are other issues at play when Lily Allen revealed in her book that she enjoyed time with female sex workers while touring a few years back. Yet, it seems the press is going after juicy clickbait here. Sure, Lily purchased the services of sex workers. They were a sexual aide to her. The more pressing concerns should be depression while on the road, loneliness from being away from kids, potential drug and alcohol abuse, and the difficult life of a touring musician. That she has somewhat mixed feelings about these transactions is something she needs to reflect on. But, Lily...if anyone gives you grief, just say, "Fuck You."

More Friends Enjoying Benefits?

How do you feel about friends with benefits? Do you think you could pull that kind of situation off? We've attached so much intimacy and "love" to sex that many people still have a hard time believing it can work. Maybe we are moving toward a new level of possibilities in our sexual expression and happiness. The results are mixed and, daresay, more positive in this collection of stories of people who have been and still are involved in a friends with benefit arrangement. Are we allowing ourselves to just enjoy more and worry about relationships and intimate feelings more? Are we taking sex for what it is? Seems a good way to go, but we probably have a lot of unlearning to do.

Real Cushion for Your Pushin'

There are lots of sexual aids you can bring into a sexytime situation. The sex toy business is booming with more and more amazing products hitting the shelves every year. Long gone are the gross shops on the wrong side of town that were the least sexy places on the planet. Not only are sex products getting greater in quantity, they are improving in quality, technology, and luxuriousness. So, who knew that one of the best additions you can make to your sexual fun is a pillow? Now, sex pillows aren't the regular "lay your head down" type of thing. No. Sex pillows are an amazing way to make "lay me down" even better. A must have!

Sex Toy Simplicity

Speaking of sex toys and intimacy, I love the simplicity of Jojo Muse's feelings about sex toys. I may not personally agree with her opinion of sex. However, she does feel a sacred connection to sex and her intimate partners. She also has room in her sexuality for sex toys. Too often, sex toys and masturbation are conflated negative sexual activity. However, if you do believe that having sex with people is something that is emotional and spiritual, why not enjoy the stimulation and fantastic feelings of sexual products? And then, you don't have to feel any remorse or negativity. Win. Win. WIN!

Capital O

Okay, as someone who writes about sex, I am endlessly curious how other writers think about sex in literature. Whether it is overt and pornographic or nuanced and subtle, sex in words is a delicate and sometimes challenging proposition for writers. I daresay more writers fail at writing sex than succeed. In a way, written sex is so much more challenging than filming it (okay, that one might get me in hot water with the film / porn folks). So, I'll be following this new series where writers discuss books that do contain sex and examine both the work and their feelings towards it. There are sure to be some interesting works discussed that will, no doubt, add to the already high pile of books on my bedside table. For reading, you know....

Lights, Camera, Action!

Finally, are you looking to have some sexy fun, but you and your playmate are away from each other? You can continue your adventures over video messaging. Here are some tips to make it even hotter!

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