Happy Pride Month! Alright, this ain't our average Pride. Things are different this year, but they're also revolutionary and glamorous! This week's Sex Stories We Love is all about how we can still make this month, and LGBTQ+ life in general, fabulous all the time!

Equal Rights Is Right

This is a late breaking addition to this week's celebration of Pride Month and it is phenomenal for everyone in the United States. The Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 vote that LGBTQ+ people are protected from employment discrimination. Not only is this amazing news because people will now be able to feel more secure in their workplaces and careers, but the logic and language used by the Justice should have far-reaching implications, including eventually striking down last week's awful Trumpian decision that would have allowed potential discrimination in healthcare based on LGBTQ+ identity. Not a lot of good has come out of 2020, but this...this is going to be remembered.

Online Pride

June is Pride Month in many areas, but...well, it certainly doesn't feel like Pride without some sort of gathering. Whether you live in a small town and participate in a march or a big city and go to parades and parties, Pride has long been about bringing people together. First to fight, back at Stonewall, later to play. Personally, I like a healthy dose of both (though more marching and less corporate inclusion is my fave). Regardless, we can't do that this year. However, there are still ways to feel connected to your communities. This year's most popular Pride accessory isn't a rainbow boa, but rather a URL and device. Keep up with Pride events in your area by checking out listings for online events. Spread the word and share widely so no one feels left out!

Listen and Learn

Stay-at-home Pride is definitely another evolution of the Pride spirit. In these times, we all must continue to evolve. This past Sunday was a perfect example: 40,000 folks turned out to the All Black Lives Matter march in Hollywood, but getting to that point wasn't easy. When the protest was first conceived, it was announced by the organization that Christopher Street West, the group that puts on LA Pride every year. Unfortunately, the organization made a critical mistake: they did not consult black leaders on how to move forward. They just went ahead and planned and announced. They didn't even consult Black Lives Matter about using the name. After word got out about this event, the lack of black community consultation and inclusion, in this march and the queer/Pride community in general was noted. Fortunately, the Christopher Street West group learned something and an advisory board of black LGBTQ+ leaders did convince them to back away. Hopefully this will also lead to more systemic changes that can reverberate to other communities.

The Art of Pride

You just can't have Pride without art. Photos, paintings, writings, drawings, sculpture, and more are all a time capsule of the LGBTQ+'s existence, emotions, eroticism, and energy at any given moment in our community's history. As you plan your distanced Pride parties, perhaps you'll peruse the panorama of queer artists being offered by galleries all around the world. You will find so much history and storytelling in these works; a true reflection of our times. Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience it all.

The Value of Connection

While this year's Pride celebrations might be happening online, there is no way to truly express the value of the internet and virtual connection to the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. In decades past, it could be very difficult to connect with other queer folks, learn about the community, or even learn about yourself without fear. While that fear does still exist for some, the web does offer opportunities to learn, play, and connect with the LGBTQ+ community even if you never really talk with another soul. Discovering different ways people identify, and perhaps using their blogs, vlogs, social media, and more can be a crucial help for those who are wondering and questioning.

Maybe a March Down Sesame Street?

Finally, it's cute and encouraging that Sesame Street is embracing Pride Month! But could the iconic children's show be doing more? Maybe show some same-sex parents or let Bert and Ernie out of the closet?

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