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Sex Guides

Want to have better sex? Of course you do! These guides are written by some of the top experts and sex educators in the field, and they're designed to be as fun and approachable as they are informative. Whether you're fantasizing about dipping your toe into something new, or just want to improve your moves for your partner, you'll find the information - and inspiration - you need here. Can't find a guide on a topic that interests you? Contact us and let us now.

Have you made a bucket list yet? Not just the typical list with marathons, world travel, and...
Electricity does not always hurt. When used correctly, it can cause intense but painless...
Male sex toys don’t get the attention that female sex toys do. At all. Most of the information...
Well folks, if my email is anything to go by, anal play is certainly popular these days. I for...

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