It's been a spell since the Sex Stories We Love space was devoted to sex toys. There's so much to catch up on!

Significance of Sex Toys

To begin, take a read of this amazing state of sex toy affairs. If you're new to sex products, it is a great introduction to where we and society are with the whole dang concept of using sex toys. If you already have a toy box full of vibrators, dildos, lubes, and more, it reinforces that we're all in it together! To call the growth and acceptance of sex toys a revolution isn't some kind of clickbait hyperbole. We are in the midst of a distinct turn in human sexual understanding. Equal parts history lesson, social commentary, and how-to guide, I eagerly anticipate the upcoming parts of this series!

Doctor's Orders!

A big part of why sex toys have such positive forward momentum is because we're finally recognizing sex as a valid and valued form of positive pleasure. We've been enjoying books, films, music, sports, and so much more as entertainment forever, and leisure has long been recognized as needed for our physical and mental health. Masturbation, on whichever hand, was not considered a necessary act with positive effects (for those who are interested). However, current research and studies show that self-pleasure can help people significantly, and sex toys will be a big part of that growing understanding. So much so that LELO suggested to the British government that masturbation should be prescribed as part of wellness plans!

Sex Shops Ain't Sleazy

It cannot be denied that the internet played a huge role in the current sex toy boom. Not only did it allow folks to shop for and buy sex products from the comfort of their homes, but it also offered a wealth of knowledge through reviews and writing. That said, there is no denying that amazing experience of visiting a great feminist and inclusive sex shop! There are so many awesome establishments around the world that offer a space to discuss and explore sexuality and desire with understanding, knowledgeable staff, and workshops. Sure, the internet made a huge difference, but these shops paved the way for the revolution by bringing the gap from the true sleazy shops—if you didn't experience sex toy shopping in the 80s and 90s then you just don't know the experience of sleaze—to our current, delightful sex toy shopping experiences.

Osé Unleashed

December is a big gift-giving month for some folks so the sex toy industry is ramping up into high gear. There are countless articles out there that will help guide you in your gifting purchases. And, of course, it is always a great idea to peruse online and then take a trip down to your local sex shop. One product that is very eagerly anticipated is the Lora DiCarlo Osé. After all the controversy, Osé, an amazing sounding product for folks with vulvas, is now available for pre-order! While the whole situation was messy, the backlash the CES received showed that people take sexual pleasure seriously, and that a sex toy is as legitimate a product as any other household item. Will you be ordering?

Remembering Sex Is Funny!

If the Osé price tag is a little much for your budget for one toy, maybe you'd like to get fucking festive with a sex product advent calendar! This fun idea shows that we're really starting to embrace the fun and whimsy that sex can afford. Sure, sex can be serious business that incorporates feelings, finances, and potential fecundity, but let's always remember that sex is also funny! Hearing about Sarah Templeton wanting to try the whole calendar in one night after a heavy meal is hilarious! There are countless sex adventures to be had out there...but maybe take them one day at a time.

Pets on the Naughty List

Finally, raise your hand if your pet destroyed one of your favourite sex toys! Been there, done that. Kinda makes getting a grown-up toy box sound really good, amirite?

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