Updated: NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Spectraromantic is a romantic orientation which sees people experiencing attraction and romantic feelings for people within a gender spectrum.

The term spectraromantic is sometimes used interchangeably with the term polyromantic. However, some say the terms are quite distinctive. Polyromantic people can fall in love with numerous genders, but not necessarily a wide spectrum of genders.

More About Spectraromantic

People who classify themselves as spectraromantic do not think that an individual’s gender should determine how attractive they are. They are able to fall in love with people along a wide gender spectrum. This is different to bisexual people, who can form relationships with male or female people but who may struggle to fall for someone who is transsexual or intergender, for example.

Spectraromantic individuals believe that a person’s heart, soul, mind, and other attributes are more important and attractive than their gender. Some believe they do not see gender at all, and instead see potential partners only as people with equal possibilities.


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