Updated: DECEMBER 14, 2020

Pornography is explicit, sexual material created to sexually arouse the viewer. Pornography takes many forms, including adult films, photography, books, art, and video games. Sexually suggestive entertainment such as striptease and burlesque shows are not deemed to be pornography.

The pornographic industry generates around $100 billion in global revenue every year. It also employs thousands of performers and others, including production staff.

Pornography is often abbreviated informally to either porn or porno.

More About Pornography

Pornography is consumed by both single people and couples. Many view it as harmless entertainment, but critics of pornography suggest that it’s an addictive vice that degrades women and damages romantic and personal relationships.

Many couples watch pornographic films or read pornographic novels together to spice up their sex life. Some people say that through consuming pornography they learn how to be better lovers and even have sex more often with their real-life partners.

However, the darker side of pornography has also been proven. Studies suggest that pornography amplifies the male desire for casual sex and there is evidence that men who consume pornography are more likely to engage in extramarital affairs and have sex with multiple partners. Porn can also reinforce an unhealthy view of what normal sex entails. When individuals use pornography to relieve stress, they are also more likely to experience problems in their relationship.

The term pornography is somewhat contentious, and many people disagree about what exactly it constitutes. Many groups have attempted to censor erotic films, books, and artworks that they deem pornographic, with various levels of success. What constitutes pornography has also changed over time. Even today, the definition of porn varies from culture to culture.


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