Neck Fetish

Updated: MARCH 30, 2022

Neck fetishes are a sexual arousal by or sexual interest in the neck of another person. The neck is both a vulnerable and sensitive part of the body, making it both an erogenous zone and and an area that people may be drawn to. In addition, research has shown that humans emit pheromones from sweat glands in the armpits, making the neck a prime place to pick up those attractive scents. The neck is also full of nerve endings that are part of the peripheral nervous system, which is responsible for relaying sensory information throughout the body.

Neck fetish is closely related to throat fetish, which can include viewing the throat, touching and biting it, or even erotic asphyxiation. The anatomy of the throat, including the veins and voice box, are part of the appeal. Neck and throat fetishes are common in pornography.

More About Neck Fetish

Neck and throat fetishes are usually focused on women's necks. The acts involved in neck and throat fetish play include aspects for dominance and submission. Particularly because the neck is a vulnerable area, submitting to a neck fetishist can increase that sense of vulnerability.

In many cultures, female necks are adorned or decorated with scarves and jewelry, so some neck fetishists say the neck is akin to a body that can be undressed.


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