Long Distance Relationship

Updated: APRIL 18, 2016

A long-distance relationship (or LDR) is a romantic relationship where the two partners live a significant distance apart from each other. It's considered "long-distance" when the two partners live far enough apart that even driving is not practical enough.

More About Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

Long-distance relationships can happen for many reasons. Sometimes, one of the partners has to relocate for studies, work, or family issues. Other times, the relationship began over the Internet and continues without the two partners living close by. Despite different circumstances, these are similar because the partners do not live close to each other.

Long-distance relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain. Physical distance makes intimacy difficult, and despite all the technology and communication advancements, no video call will ever replace the feeling of your partner's skin. So it's important for long-distance lovers to see each other regularly, to keep to their word and to communicate often. Although it can be hard, some people have succeeded in maintaining an LDR and coming together once the circumstances change.


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